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As cliched as the phrase ‘jewelry is a girl’s best friend’ sounds, most of us cannot deny that fact. Be it a simple outfit or a no makeup face, a piece of jewelry can totally transform your look.

From dainty jewelry to the grand ones, we have plenty of options to choose from. Yet, we women are that special kind of species who always know which is that one right piece of jewelry meant for us.

Though I am not a compulsive buyer, whenever I see a unique piece of jewelry, I go weak on my knees. I got kind of used to wearing heavy  jewelry after my marriage especially while attending some functions but I am always in to minimal dainty jewelry.

After I started working, I always choose jewelry depending on the dress I wear. I never mind to wear heavy jhumkas along with an ethinc wear irrespective of going to office. However, bangle is one thing I always miss to wear. It is kind of uncomfortable to type wearing bangles and few bangle models tend to create sounds as well.

If you are someone who feels the same, bracelets are our saviors. There are various versions available that it can be styled along ethnic as well as western wears. If you are particular about wearing something precious, I have come across some stunning yet affordable diamond bracelet, which are totally work friendly. Here are a few designs I have liked.


affordable diamond bracelets

caratlane diamond bracelets

Diamond Bracelets

work friendly jewelry

So which one of the diamond bracelets you liked? Let me know in the comments.

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