Washington trip – a BLISSFULL TRAVEL Day 3

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Read about day 1 and 2 here and here.

After full two day roaming, still then I was left with Capitol building in my list. So Day 3 to visit Capitol building 🙂

Capitol building, pentagon – The most important place on my wish list – one of the official building where American Presidents address their people on special occasions. When that was done, I was like “Appada!!! I completed my Washington Wish list”

Captitol Building

Then we had time to visit National Gallery of Art (West Building). I liked the center piece of a man’s statue, the Armed Venus statue attracted me – I found it inspiring, few other interesting pieces too. Namma konjam ARTS la weak veraaa… (Am little weak in ARTS) so did not spend much time there 🙂


Smithsonian Castle – This castle was built in all red bricks and I dint find anything interesting here except for few fossilized animal collections and a nice garden with lavender flowers J

We left the National museum of African Art, Space museum and few other memorials as we have to rush to our place and reach the airport.

Best time to visit: The only difficulty we faced in this travel is the weather- hottttt . I am kinda used to all these and don’t behave very beauty-conscious while on trips (Ofcourse now am caring my skin with some of Sindhu’s beauty tips too 😛 ). I became literally like person who gets charcoal to the train 😛 and so an autumn season will be the best time to visit. You should have will and good stamina to walk a lot and enjoy the places.

Best Mode of Transport: We found metro train cheaper so opted for that rather hiring a taxi.

When I started thinking of this travel to Virginia, one person came to my mind that I wanted to meet – Gayathri mam – she is my favorite in college days. But as there were a lot of things running on my mind I was reluctant to approach her this time. But I wanted to visit there again and meet her someday. Hope my wish come true 🙂

We returned back to Charlotte via flight and it took only 40 minutes for us to reach our sweet home back 🙂 That night we all slept well due to full tiredness and I got refreshed back to my FORM (THUMBS-UP).

Editors Note : Thanks much for this lovely series divi chellam 🙂 hope to see your contribution in future also 🙂

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