Washington Trip – a Blissful Travel Day 2

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Read about Day 1 here

Saturday morning we started around 8 and reached Washington D.C to roam. I had the below list of places in my hand to see for sure and I did see all the places for real J All the places here are walk able distances once you reach the Capitol building Stop.

The White House

White House

I witnessed common man’s freedom to express his feeling even if it is against the person in Power. I saw an old lady from Israel talking against Obama right before his office. I was like wow, that’s striking and started comparing our country and immediately making my mind not to compare my motherland here 🙂

White House Protest

National museum of American Indian

National American Museum

Washington Monument – this a long tomb shape monument.

Washington Monument

Other than that I visited National Botanical Gardens and saw many plant species which I have seen in science books during my school days. I am a bio student at school and BIOLOGY was my favorite subject. My dad and I maintained notebook to specimen plants too. I saw the pitcher plant ( I have read about this in a R.K. Narayan’s fiction story during my childhood days 🙂 and have got nightmares that this plant was eating me :P), fly trap plants and a demo how the Venus fly trap plant eats a fly :). As far as you are interested in plants you can enjoy this place. Otherwise, we can pose for pics near beautiful-looking species too. For me it was entertaining.

Botanical Garden

World War II Memorial – Memorial for U.S soldiers who fought in WW-II. I got reminded of Nirupa and Noble Sir (my history teacher – we use to go to school at 6 AM just to write and show him essays on such historic events—“Saabbbbaaa nu we use to feel”… 😛 )

World War 2

There are two long-long marble pillars on either side denoting Atlantic and pacific and small pillars each denoting the federal states of the USA forming semicircles on each side.

Lincoln Memorial and the reflecting pool:

(I have seen this before in Planet Apes film – Leo ends up crashing here 🙂 ) –


Inside the Lincoln memorial there lays a majestic statue of The President, Abraham Lincoln and on both sides in the walls scripted with his famous speech –“Gettysburg address”and scriptures like slaves, eagle

Lincon's Speech

Korean, Vietnam Veteran’s memorial- Memorials of US soldiers who fought in Korean and Vietnam War

War Memorial

National Museum of American History:

National Museum American History

We found some time to peek in to this American History museum too.


One thing that will fascinate most of the girls is the collection of “First Ladies Robe”. The dresses shown in the pic are the dresses wore by the first ladies during the swearing ceremony of their husbands as Presidents. But I thought “ Ithuku oru floor-a da unga museum la”(one section for this too in your museum). But many girls will enjoy this section.

First Ladies Museum

We thought we are done for the day and so started back to home. I got this view in the evening just before the rain started and liked it very much.

Most liked view

After  the day-long roaming I was tired physically but fun-filled, relieved. To keep the mazaa going, it started raining and I went on a walk, drenched completely in rain, till the station to catch the train.

What to expect on Day 3 – As she is already tired in these 2 days, only one more place to cover and that is the wrap 🙂

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