Wangs Kitchen Celebrating Chinese New Year 2016

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All the Chinese cuisine lovers out there, this is the best time to taste some Chinese delicacies as Wangs kitchen is celebrating Chinese new year across all its outlet till 28th of February.

4 food bloggers were invited to taste the special Chinese new year menu at the Wangs Kitchen Harrington road branch. The Chinese new year menu was separate from the regular menu. The menu consisted of  soups, rice, noodles, appetizers and accompaniments. We had tasted almost all the non vegetarian options available on the menu and read on to know more 🙂

Wangs Kitchen Chinese New year Menu


Chicken Red Sky Soup –  A traditional Fujian soup with sliced chicken and shiitake mushroom served with golden fried onions and cubes of bread

The soup looked like a thick broth initially and as I was hungry, I started to have it that way only to find that it should have been mixed properly for the right consistency. Nevertheless, it tasted good and went well with the onion and bread cubes

Chicken Red Sky Soup


Creamy Fujian (chicken) : Crisply fried in a peppery butter sauce and served with a creamy butter sauce

The chicken served was not that crispy but it was creamy enough. The butter sauce was nicely coated on the top of the chicken sprinkled with peanuts. This was the first time I was having chicken with peanuts and I quiet liked the combination.

Creamy Fujian

Shanghai Crispy (chicken and prawn) : Sweet and sour spicy star anise flavoured, crisply fried topped with Chef’s special sauce

A perfect contrast in terms of spiciness and tanginess to the creamy fujian which was served first  . A good combination of Chef’s special sauce with the crisply fried chicken and prawn. Totally loved it.

Shangai Crispy


Shandong Surprise (chicken) : Flavoured with celery, wine and served with scrambled eggs.

Tasted really good but it lacked spiciness.

Shandong Surprise

Royal Jinan (chicken) : Cooked in coconut milk, flavoured with fiery Nam Prik sauce

Another dish with spiciness and tanginess went well with the noodles.

Royal Jinan

Rice and Noodles 

Ton Ton Canton Mein (chicken) : A moist dish of soft noodles, stirred with meat and topped with crushed peanuts

The soft noodles was less spicy in taste. Nevertheless, tasted good with the accompaniments

Ton Ton Canton Mein

Sichuan Fried Noodles (chicken) : Soft noodles with a hint of ginger, served with meat and topped with peanuts

Unlike Ton Ton Canton Mein, the ginger added up a good flavour to the Sichuan noodles. May not be liked if you are not a fan of ginger.

Sichuan Fried Noodles

Black Bean Chilli Noodles (chicken) : Soft noodles stir fried with meat and flavoured with black bean and chilli hunan styled sauce.

The spiciest of all the 3 noodles. This was the first time I was eating noodles flavoured with black bean. I enjoyed the unique flavour it offered along with the sauce

Black Bean Chilli Noodles

Hunan Rice in Thai Roasted Chilli (chicken) : Fluffy rice with thai roasted chilli

One of the best dishes served. Could be because I was craving for rice the other day 😛 Even though it looks like a regular schezwan fried rice it was nothing of that sort. The taste was unique and I took like 2-3 servings 🙂

Hunan Rice in Thai roasted chilli

We were surprised to know that there were no desserts on the special chinese menu but already decided to order something from the regular menu

Fried Ice cream : Tasting it for the first time ( too late, I know 🙁 ) I was amazed by this concept. Scared a little that the outer layer was extremely hot. The fellow foodies assured me that it was not hot and I could gulp on it without a second thought. I took their words and did so 😛 The outer layer could have been at least warm to actually experience this concept of fried ice cream but I guess by the time we took for clicking pictures, the outer layer had cooled down.

Fried Icecream

Sweet dumplings with coconut stuffing : Most of us know that the dumplings resembles one of our south Indian delicacies. The coconut stuffing was not so sweet which I liked and went well with the vanila ice cream.

Sweet Dumplings with stuffed coconut

Over all, I liked the special chinese menu at the wangs kitchen. If you are in to Chinese food, you should really give it a try.

Chinese new year at wangs kitchen



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    I love Wangs kitchen.. Actually there are a lot of vegetarian dishes in Chinese Cuisine too which are not that known to everyone. I love their sweet & sour lotus stem root fry.
    I get a lot of Chinese veg food which are made of soya & tofu and they are called mock meats in SG.

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