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‘Oh a girl baby. I am so happy and let’s start to save gold for her marriage from now itself’.

In this era of science, technology, inventions, research, few things still never change such as a girl baby and the terms and conditions that comes along with it.

Only very few parents come out of the social sigma and raise a girl child in a different way. But when the child attains a particular age (21-25) the peer pressure for the parents increases and they end up taking some hasty decisions. That’s when the big OR comes in a girl’s life.

  • Get marry OR relatives will think there is some problem with you
  • Learn to cook OR else you will suffer in your in-laws house
  • Resign your job OR you can’t take care of your baby

And the list goes on…..

As I mentioned earlier, there are certain terms and conditions and if a girl doesn’t follow it, SHE IS BAD.

Now, I wanna delete that big OR and insert an AND. Yes I am a girl, I am not bound by any rules and below are the things that defines me

I am a girl AND I am independent – No it does not mean that I don’t want a male company at all. If I am carry a heavy bag and some guy offers to help me, I will surely let him. He is physically stronger than me you see. But I am independent enough to travel alone, rent a house, eat alone in a restaurant, to take a job in a different state etc. I am not dependent on a male (dad, uncle, friend) for everything.

I am a girl AND I don’t like gold – Or even diamond. There is a generalization that girls are fond of gold, that you can woo them by buying gold. No. There are many girls who don’t give a damn about gold. Also, stop buying gold jewels for your girl child. Instead, invest that money in her education. Send her to places where she can learn many things.

I am a girl AND sometimes I don’t keep bindi – It is a personal choice. Sometimes I keep bindi and sometimes I don’t. It all depends on my mood. Well, is it against our culture? In our olden days, even men used to have big tilaks and why I am not seeing any men like that now?

I am a girl AND I talk loud and laugh – If a joke is funny, let me laugh out loud please. Just because I am girl, I can’t go hush hush while talking and laughing. Get rid of the image of that stereotype heroine who does everything gentle in a slow motion from your mind.

I am a girl AND I cook and do household chores – It is not because I am girl. I like my place to be clean and I prefer home cooked food. Eating food and having a place to live are the basics of  survival and everyone should know how to do it.

I am a girl AND I have second thoughts about marriage and having babies- I have a beautiful family and I know the value of relationships. But it is okay to put me first. If marriage could be a hindrance for my life goals, I have all the rights to not to get marry. Even if I get marry, I have all the rights to decide not to have a baby. After all, it is my life and I have only one of it.

I am a girl AND I  look at guys – Directly. Guys are cute, handsome, hot. What is wrong in admiring the beauty?!

I am a girl AND I like Joey and Barney – Yha they are flirts. But, I like the confidence of their characters, how they never hesitate to try and  how they are funny. What is the big deal?

I am a girl AND I like porn – Naahh… kidding (may be not 😛 ) I am a girl AND so am I. There are no terms and conditions or rules and regulations. I just want to be myself.

Use your And

Yes girls…. Use your AND, and Be Yourself!!

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  1. 3

    Our society can’t seem to let go of the ancient beliefs and customs and I have rather come to ignore it. Absolutely love this post and seriously I am first a human being like the men and then a girl….. I don’t want restrictions just because my sex is female…. That is real stupid and everyone needs to let go of that…
    Beepsa recently posted…DESK TO DATEMy Profile

  2. 25

    very well written Sindhu…..when would our society change …when would they understand that we girls are not less than anybody else…..we do have our personal choices and we are happy with that…
    swati recently posted…January Fab BagMy Profile

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