Unplanned 2 days trip to Pondicherry

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All the failed plans to Goa end up in Pondicherry or may be not. I am not really sure whether we can compare Goa with Pondicherry based on the cheap booze available in both the places. I have never been to Goa, so I am not the one to talk.

So when the BFF landed from the US of A and suggested (rather was stubborn 😛 ) that we have to go to somewhere Pondicherry was the only place I could think of.  It was an unplanned 2 days trip to Pondicherry and also a memorable trip because my now husband and then boy friend was also coming with us.

An unplanned trip with bff and bf. Could it be more interesting? Well to be frank, nothing interesting or adventurous happened in the trip. It was more of a relaxed trip. Read on to know more.

We started from Chennai on a Saturday morning after breakfast. We took the PSRTC A/C volvo bus to reach Pondicherry. We have booked a cottage called ‘New creation’ at Auroville (thanks to KayG for suggesting this awesome place). We made a mistake of going to Pondicherry bus stand, instead of getting down at the outer to reach Auroville. But the cottage owner Andre, a french man immediately sent a cab to pick us.

chennai to pondicherry bus

The cottage was love at first sight. The room was spacious, more than enough for the 3 of us and extremely neat (which became a mess within 5 minutes after we checked in 😛 ) We paid Inr 1500/- per day for the room.

new creation resort auroville

new creation resort ponidcherry

new creation cottage auroville

We went for a late lunch at a nearby daba and then headed towards Pondicherry Gandhi beach.

Lunch food pic

We  walked the entire trail and reached the other end.

gandhi beach

Gandhi Beach Pondicherry

I have heard from my friend about the weekend market where we can get many branded clothes in thrift shops. Unfortunately, we were not able to locate such shops and due to the long walk along the beach, we felt extremely tired.

Sunday Market Pondicherry

So the final stop for the day was a famous non-veg hotel called ‘Kamatchi’. We opted for take way and had a lip-smacking dinner at our room.

Kamtchi hotel pondicherry

As we didn’t have any definite plan for the next day, we woke up late and had a hearty breakfast in a nearby restaurant.

Restaurants in Auroville

We took our time and interacted with the people working at the restaurant and also observed the people in Auroville. It was so common to see many foreigners  roaming around in a second hand bikes. They live as a family with their children studying in local schools. I guess mostly they involve themselves in various volunteering activities. They were very friendly, smiled and waved at you and interacted very well with the locals.

After lazying around for a while, we headed towards Chunnambar lake and paradise beach. Chunnambar lake basically connected us to the paradise beach via boat.

Chunambar backwater boating

Paradise beach

We roamed around the beach for a few minutes. the crowd was less and the water was clean.

Paradise beach Pondicherry

There were places to change dress and to relax.

Paradise beach pondy

Trip to Pondicherry

Later, my friend tried the Jet Ski.

Jetski in pondy

Jet Ski paradise beach pondicherry

As we had a late breakfast, we skipped the lunch and headed back to Auroville.

We had a quick bite at a restaurant and rented a two wheeler (activa) to roam around Auroville. We were supposed to start back that night but due to heavy rains we stayed back.

places to eat in pondicherry

Two wheeler for rent in pondicherry

Two wheeler for rent in auroville

golden globe auroville

Next day morning we roamed around the cottage for few hours and started back to Chennai.

places to stay in auroville

2 days trip to pondicherry

unplanned trip to pondicherry

weekend trip to pondicherry

I know that we didn’t visit many places but this was the most relaxed trip I ever had.


A few things we should have done,

  • Explored more around Auroville.
  •  Auroville beach instead of Gandhi Beach.
  • Visiting a spa
  • Tasting firewood pizza

A few things to consider

  • If you want to go for a relaxed trip to Pondicherry, stay in Auroville instead of main city
  • If you are staying in Auroville, either take your own car/two-wheeler or rent a two-wheeler (starting from Inr 100/- per day). Cab charges are very costly (Inr 300- 450 per trip)
  • If you are going to paradise beach, either go before 12 noon or after 3 in the evening
  • You can stay in the cottage alone and can have a local experience without going anywhere.
  • If you wanna visit the golden globe, check the visiting hours and plan accordingly.
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    Shruthi Jothsana

    Pondicherry is still in my 2017-Trips list! This blog post will come in handy when I travel! 🙂 😀 tempting pictures by the way! 😀

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