Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum by Clarins

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Do you guys know for what I spent most of my money in recent days?

Clothes? No. Makeup? No. Food? No.

It is for the cab. With the sun rays increasing its intensity even at 8 in the morning, I can’t even think of stepping out and travel through a bus or an auto. An a/c cab at my door step is a must ūüėõ

The change in environment changes our lifestyle as well. From food to physical activities, we are changing and adapting as per the environmental changes. Like the internal body health, external skin also gets affected because of such extensive changes.

We do need revolutionary products which can repair and treat the damage done to the skin by the external environmental factors. Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum by Clarins  is one such product.

Clarins Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum


Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum by Clarins treats hyperpigmentation through the MELA EXO SYSTEM combined with the discovery of a precious plant extract from the acerola. The serum is specially formulated for Asian women. Clarins Research worked for several years in collaboration with one of the largest biological research centres in France: the Institut Curie. This major European research centre came into existence thanks to the drive of one woman, Marie Curie. The new serum is the cosmetic result of this major discovery, acting on the three dimensions of pure translucent skin: contrast, clarity and color.

This advanced serum not only control the melanocyte’s activity directly stimulated by UV rays but also controls the melanocyte’s exosystem via exosomes.

I was given a live demo by Meeta Awatramani, Training Manager РClarins in India.

The main ingredients of Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum by Clarins are

  • Acerola fruit extract – works on contrast of the skin by anti-dark spot action
  • Acerola fruit extract,Lady‚Äôs mantle extract,Sandspurry extract,Vitamin C and biotin – works on color, fairness, brightness¬†and evenness
  • Acerola seed extract,Hyaluronic acid complex – works on clarity,translucency¬†and a healthy glow

This serum is a perfect combination of nature and science which shows result from the first use itself. It is also a boon for oily skin. We all know that how oily skin can easily look dull and tired. That associated with hyper pigmentation can affect the confidence of any woman. Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum by Clarins is light weight and get absorbs easily in to the skin and yes it works on hyper pigmentation as well. So a must try serum for oily skin people.

After the usage of this serum, 94% of Asian women saw an improvement in their complexion, 85% of women claimed that no new dark spot appeared during the 7 days of use of the routine and 94% claimed that skin looks fairer and more translucent.


If you are in look out for a new serum for a dull, damaged skin, do try the new Intensive Brightening Serum by Clarins.



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