TLC for the Chennai Ponnu by Himalaya

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I have lived in all the major South Indian metro cities and Chennai is my favorite. It will be so cliche if I use the well known tag for Chennai that is ,’a modern city with traditional values’ but that is how our ‘Singara Chennai’ is.

Chennai Ponnu

One of the oldest cities, eminent temples and historical places within the city limit, people who are kind at heart, weekend getaways, endless shopping, great night life, restaurants with various cuisines, people from all over the country, beach and much more makes Chennai a perfect and safe city to dwell. I can proudly say that I am a Chennai Ponnu.

Chennai Ponnu by Himalayas

You know what else is so special about Chennai? The weather right now. I am not even kidding. I came to Chennai for a week, sweated out crazily and that was when it actually felt like summer 😛 So a tender little care is essential to maintain your skin during summer.

Himalaya launched a campaign with a facial kit from their ‘Neem Range’ which consists of perfect products for this summer. Neem meant for its antibacterial nature is the right ingredient to fight the side effects of this weather such excess oiliness, pimples, dullness, heat boils etc

Himalayas Facial Kit Review

The facial kit consists of a face wash, scrub and a face pack. These products are already popular in the market and I have used them extensively as well.

Himalayas Facial Kit

The Himalaya purifying face wash is one of my favorite face wash and I carry it all the time with me. It can cleanse the skin thoroughly with minimal product and can make you feel fresh instantly. It can help in drying out your pimples as well.

The Himalaya purifying neem scrub is the perfect product to get rid of all the oiliness, gunk, impurities and to get a baby soft skin

After 2 rounds of cleansing, your skin is at its best and ready to absorb all the goodness of Himalaya Purifying Neem Pack. Nothing beats a face pack with neem, turmeric and fullers earth on a hot summer day.

Overall, the Neem Range facial kit from Himalaya is a perfect skin regime this summer for all the Chennai Ponnu out there.

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    I love all Himalaya products and use the neem face wash. It has anti – bacterial properties and good cleanser for the skin for sure. Yes, Chennai’s beaches are nice to relax, nice place Chennai/

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