I am throwing away most of my makeup – not a click-bait

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So, we are in a time and period that we have to put a disclaimer for everything we talk or write. As I have mentioned in the title, it’s not a click-bait article. I am throwing away my makeup not because of some bizarre reasons but because they are just expired.

expired makeup

Well, why I have to write a blog post about it? Because I got to realize a few things when I was throwing away most of my makeup products.

  1. It is not entirely my mistake. I have been moving around a lot for the past one and a half years and just a few months back I have gotten all my makeup products at one place. Though I almost cried for throwing away almost all of my makeup, I learned to let go.
  2. The main reason I have started to collect makeup is because of my blog. I didn’t realize the amount of products I have acquired until the time came to throw all of it. It was a wake-up call for me to blog regularly, especially on makeup product reviews and makeup looks.
  3. Though I was never a makeup hoarder, makeup always excited me. I still have interest in it and know about most of the brands out there. But somehow I feel like I have grown out of the craze. I no more feel like owning a product just for the sake of it.
  4. This gave a clear vision to me on what I wanted to do. I have slowly started to procure a few basic products like a blush, bronzer, highlighter and a few lip colors. Only if I use it regularly and blog about it, I am going to buy more. Also, all the products I buy and review will be in the line of whether it is dusky skin friendly or not.

The picture is blurred because, I somehow didn’t have the heart to show what all I am throwing out but wanted you guys to know how much I am throwing out. The products include makeup (quiet a few paletts, lip colors, nail polishes), hair-styling products, few body-care products.

PS – Luckily, the 2 foundations (Mac and Krylon) I have invested on didn’t get expire.

PPS- I realized that I suck at doing my hair and not going to buy any hair styling products hereafter.

Are you a makeup lover? Do you end up using the product before it expires? Have you ever thrown out products which are hardly used?

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