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The wonderful blogger Swati from curious and confused me have nominated me for the versatile blogger award. She really cracks me up by her writing style and thanks for nominating me Swati.


Now as the part of the award, I have to share seven facts about me. Many of you know about me already with the frequent ramblings I write here. So I decided to share 7 weird facts about me to add a little fun to this post 😛


  1. I can walk straight in between street dogs barking at each other and shush them but even a small sparrow enters the balcony, I freak out. (Yes I am scared of birds)
  2. I have  OCD(s). For example, there cannot be an unread message/mail/whatsapp message. I clear/delete them every now and then (read every few seconds).  I even go the spam folder and delete the mails there 😛
  3. I hate bananas. I won’t eat anything that has banana in it and I wont even touch a banana with my hand. (don’t ask me why because I don’t know either 😛 )
  4. I hate maths. It is a nightmare for me. I wonder how I passed maths 1, 2 & 3 without arrears in Engineering and few other numerical papers in MBA (Sindhu.J.P B.E, MBA, but hate maths 😛 )
  5. By my looks, people often judge me as a rude person. But, I can’t be rude to people and I hardly get angry 🙂
  6. Anil Kapoor was my childhood star crush. What is so weird about it? I don’t remember watching any of his movies in my childhood but I just remember that he was my crush.
  7. During my childhood I can’t even do simple things such as brushing my teeth (!) without my mom. Mom should be there when I come home from school. Mom should be there when I sleep and there had been days when I woke in the middle of the night and checked whether mom is near me or not. But, to everyone’s surprise, I am surviving almost 8 years outside home and in that 4 years in different states (mom is quiet proud of that 😛 ). Looking back, I don’t know how I have changed from that insecure girl in to this independent woman 🙂

That’s it friends. Hope my weirdness made you all smile and I have few more in the list. Btw, I have to tag few fellow bloggers for this award. Now that’s the hard part. I can’t tag few and leave rest. So if you are a blogger not nominated for the versatile blogger award, I nominate you. So share 7 funny/weird/serious facts about you 🙂

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