Summer special menu by The French Loaf Chennai

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So summer is here!

Have you ever felt so thirsty that you drink lot of liquids and end up with no space for food? Once I drank 2 glasses of sugarcane juice on a hot summer day before visiting my grandma’s for lunch. I was not even able to finish the first servings of the specially made lunch. When I told my grandma that I am full, the lecture started. ‘You are not eating properly’ ‘Why are you so tanned’ ‘I wish to see your wedding before I die’


Coming back to the post, it is always advisable to intake more liquids during summer. So obviously the intake of solid food would be less. If we look out for light snacking or quick bite options, we always end up with either idli, dosa or pizza,burger and sandwiches.


The French loaf came up with an interesting summer friendly menu with a mix of quick bites and thirst quenchers. 4 of us food bloggers were invited to taste the new menu and read on to know more

On Toast (French Baguette) – Toast served with herbs, garlic, tomato, basil, cheese and olive oil. Have you watched the movie ‘Julie and Julia’ ? This toast exactly looked like a one from that movie. I totally loved it.

French Baguette

French Baguette

Chicken Salsa on toast – Nicely minced chicken chunks perfectly made as salsa. A must try for chicken lovers.

Chicken Salsa on toast

Chicken Salsa on toast in french loaf

Pita chips and curry curlies – It is served with 3 dips – sour cream, tomato salsa and mango chilli sauce. Though the curry curlies looked bland on sight, it went well with the dips. Tomato salsa was the best among the dips which we asked for another serving. Personally I didn’t like the falvor of the pita chips but the fellow foodies did’t complain 🙂

Pita chips and curry curlies

Rock and Roll – Pita bread stuffed with lettuce, grilled chicken and barbecue sauce. Grilled pita bread often end up a bit hard which I don’t like. But this one really rocked and rolled. The bread was soft and the juicy stuffing was just perfect.

Rock and Roll in french loaf

The maniac – Multi grain bread stuffed with chicken salami, lettuce, tomato cheese. An healthy option which tasted really good.

The maniac in french loaf

Chicken Cesar salad – Usual cesar salad with soft, succulent chicken strips. Another healthy option to try

Chicken Cesar salad

Virgin fresh mojito –  Presented beautifully. I liked it when I had the first sip but when I mixed everything and had the next sip, the taste of the syrup was much overpowering. A bit disappointed.

Virgin Mojito

Red velvet vanilla shake – Fellow foodies got intrigued by the term red velvet and ordered this. I had a few sips and it tasted good.

Red velvet vanilla shake


Mango cheese cake – Somehow I am not a big fan of cheesecakes. Other than the mango flavored cream on the top, the cake tasted pretty good.

Mango cheese cake

Chocolate fondue – Hot chocolate sauce served with mini cakes, apples, pineapple and musk melon. Though I tasted all the fruits entirely dipped in the sauce, the small cakes tasted best with sauce.

Chocolate fondue

Brownie rocky road – Brownie served with scoops of ice cream along with chocolate sauce. If you wanna go for chocolate indulgence, just order this.

Brownie rocky road

We really enjoyed the special summer menu by The French loaf. The best thing about the menu is, it is simple yet unique from the regular quick bites. With nominal pricing, this is one of the best options available to grab food on the go.

If you are tired of the regular quick bites, this special summer menu by The French loaf is a must try.







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