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Hello Everyone!

I am glad that I am able to contribute quite a share about recent fashion trends on the fashion section of my blog and I am coming up with few interesting stories in near future.

When it comes to recent fashion trends, styling a crop top is always tricky for me. Being a woman of height (also tummy fat and body hair 😛 ), I tend to move away from crop tops yet get so attracted to them because of the obvious style quotient they add.

Crop top from bewakoof is something I am eyeing for so long. They come up with some quirky statements on the tops which I can’t resist buying at all. The hesitation of how short the tops will be, will I be able to style them properly, kept me thinking. But when they said they can send me their tops to try and style, can I say no?

As I said before, crop tops from bewakoof are so quirky and I tried to come up with 2 looks with it . Both the looks are almost similar with a little difference and both the looks can be styled effortlessly and can be carried by anyone with ease.

#okbye – Touristy chic


The term ‘okbye’ is considered as the internet slang which means you are on the go, moving away from the mundane world, gonna get some peace.

crop top

So I thought, this could be a best crop top to be worn during travel. Thrown in a pair of loose pants, comfortable shoes and you are good to go.

croptop tee

This could be a most comfortable form of clothing while travelling yet adding a style quotient to your outfit.


Ducking Autocorrect – Mall hopping


I selected this crop top only because I use the ‘F’ word a lot while talking as well as while texting and every single time it gets autocorrected until I saved that word in the mobile dictionary 😛


I feel that it can be that fun/cool crop top you can wear for mall hopping or for a movie evening.


As you can see, I have paired it with plain flared out palazzo pants which can be worn for work. So at the end of the day, you can just change your formal top in to this crop top and can go ahead with your evening outings.


The crop tops starts at just Inr 295/- The quality of the fabric is extremely good and they look just as the way they are displayed in the website.

Apart from the crop tops, bewakoof has tee shirts, dresses, tank tops, sweatshirts and casual shirts as well. Also a collection of Tshirts, Vests, Joggers, Full Sleeve Tshirts & Long TShirts for Men.

If you are looking for some fun, quirky crop tops online, then I will definitely recommend crop tops from bewakoof.

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