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Phew finally….

We (me and Krupa of Ishtyleawhile) have been trying to do a collaboration for almost an year. Some or other things didn’t work out but it is better to be late than never right? Krupa is one of the first few bloggers I started to follow. I had a chance to meet her personally and we just hit it off in the first meet itself. I love the simplicity of her blog and she often comes up with interesting series. Her saree series is one of the bests. You all should definitely check it out 🙂

I am glad that we ended up doing an interesting collaboration. As the title says, I am going to write about a street shopping destination in Chennai, some shopping tricks and how I styled what I have bought from there.  Since my childhood, I visited Chennai every now and then but never stayed here on my own for a long time. So I consider myself a newbie here and I am slowly exploring the places. I have visited Pondy Bazzar quiet a few times and recently they have re located all the shops on the street inside a building. This is the first time I am visiting the building and let me give you some tricks and tips from my experience

  • Time is the major factor to consider. There are so many shops inside the building. If you have plenty of time, you can explore each and every shop patiently. If time is a constraint, make a list of the things you want to purchase. Visit the shops selling those items and skip the remaining shops
  • Have enough cash with you. None of the shops accepts cards and no ATMs inside the building. So before itself withdraw the required cash from ATM
  • If you have an extensive shopping plan, carry a water bottle with you. No eateries inside the building but you do find enough eateries nearby
  • Wear your comfy clothes and comfy footwear. You are going to sweat a lot, walk a lot and carry a lot of bags.
  • There are no trial rooms. Most of the time you have to guess and buy. So try to have a mental picture about your kurti size, tee shirt size, pants hip size etc. Even though the sales person are all males, most of the buyers will be females.  If you are comfortable with trying clothes on top of the clothes you are wearing, you can go ahead 🙂
  • Double check for any damage in any purchase you make. Check whether all the stitches are proper in clothes. Look out whether the zippers are working properly on bags. Touch and feel the fabric. If you don’t feel like buying, don’t buy. Go with your instincts.
  • Last but not the least and the very import point BARGAIN. I really suck at bargaining. If you are like me, tag a friend along who is good at bargaining. Ask for half the rate the shopkeeper is saying and never give up. Use the ‘walk away’ technique. When you start to walk away from the store, the shopkeeper will call you out and agree for your price.

Ok let me show what I purchased Street Shopping Pondy Bazzar Chennai Palazzo Pants and Skirt – Inr 120-150 each, T-shirt – Inr 80-90, Bag – Inr 320-350, Earring – Inr 40, Ring – Inr 70-80 Street Shopping Pondy Bazzar Chennai I am really impressed with the bags and dress collections. As usual no footwear for my size and I didn’t like the collection as well. Decent accessories starts from Inr 40/- and below that, all are cheap plastic stuffs. How I styled Street Shopping Pondy Bazzar Chennai I am wearing a pink cotton top from  max along with the palazzo pants. A silver watch and a silver kada as accessories and nude/brown ballerinas to finish with. Street Shopping Pondy Bazzar Chennai Street Shopping Pondy Bazzar Chennai For the red skirt, I wore a black western top and made it as a fusion wear. A watch on the left hand and wooden bangles on the right went perfect for the outfit. Street Shopping Pondy Bazzar Chennai Let’s see what Krupa bought and how she styled.   long skirt outfit   indian fashion blogger   Check her full post here  Hope you guys liked this super fun collaboration. If you guys know any other street shopping destination other than what we have mentioned, please let us know 🙂

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