Women Shaving face for hair removal – Should you try this?

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Women shaving face for facial hair removal is been in trend for quiet sometime. I never really give it a thought because I was scared to use a razor on my face. Oh, before I continue using the term razor, let me explain about it. It is not the regular razor we use for shaving the other parts of the body. The razor used for shaving face looks something like this.

shaving face for hair removal

It is basically an eyebrow razor, used to remove the extra hair growth  around the eyebrows.

You can see so many videos around Instagram and YouTube where many beauty gurus, endorsing this technique.

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But I was skeptical to try this technique for obvious reasons such as what if the hair grows back thicker, what if I have to shave daily etc. Then I saw a Chennai based Youtuber trying this out and she highly suggested this technique of facial hair removal which gave me a nudge to try this out.

Before we go in to the details of how this method worked for me, let me tell you the methods I tried to remove my facial hair. I used to do only threading for my eyebrows and never thought about the hair growth around lips or around the chin area. A few years back, I came to know about a hair removing spring which can be used to remove facial. So I thought of giving it a try(of course, after seeing many beauty guru’s trying it out). The problem I faced with the hair removal spring was, it pained a lot while removing hairs that I couldn’t get myself to do it. I have stopped using it altogether.

Every time I visit parlor for my eyebrows routine, I see at least one lady getting her upper lips threaded which kind of tempted me to give it a try. But I knew that it will pain a lot. I can somewhat bear the pain of waxing than threading, so thought of waxing the upper lips and chin area. Though waxing removed the hairs at one go, it was more painful than I have expected. The other problems with waxing facial hair are, it won’t remove fine hairs and it pulls the delicate facial skin which is not good for the skin at all.

Oh, I also tried the homemade wax made of sugar, lemon and water which never worked for me. So I finally gave in and went ahead with threading my upper lips and chin area. Though I liked the aftereffect, the pain was too much to handle.

No wonder that I wanted to try this painless technique which doesn’t even requires a visit to parlor.

My Experience

I ordered the eyebrow razor from Amazon. It costs around Inr 250/- and a pack consist of 3 blades.

Eyebrow razor review

facial hair removal

I washed my face, wiped it clean and started to remove the hairs around my upper lips and chin area. I used the razor in the direction opposite to the hair growth. Apart from removing the hair, the shaving action also gets rid of dry layer of the skin. I could see the dry white flakes falling down.

how to shave face

Then I tried removing the extra hair growth around my eyebrows. It was tricky as I couldn’t get a proper angle to hold the razor. Unlike the upper lips and chin area, I couldn’t get a close shave around the eyebrows.

Shaving eyebrows
I don’t exactly hold in this position but you can see that the blade is either close to my eyelids or in the portion I don’t want to shave

To my surprise, the hair around upper lips and chin grew back after 1-2 weeks and they didn’t grow back thick or prickly either. As I didn’t get a close shave around the eyebrows, the hair grew back within 2 days. Though the hair didn’t grow back thicker, it was pointy and prickly. But, if you find a way to get a closer shave, I guess the hair won’t grow back that soon.

A few points to consider

  • Many endorsed this technique after shaving their whole face and as the shaving removes the dry layer, it makes the skin smoother and younger. This is also claimed to be one of the reasons for men looking younger than their age. I have not shaved my whole face, so can’t really comment on this.
  • A few suggested to use shaving cream or moisturizing lotion while shaving. I have tried using a moisturizer while shaving the extras around the eyebrows but it didn’t make any difference.
  • A few shave in the direction of the hair growth but I felt like shaving in the opposite direction gives a closer shave.
  • Almost all who tried this technique mentioned that this is to be done once in every 2-3 days. A maximum you can go without shaving could be a week but not more than that I guess.
  • Almost none complained about hair growing back thick, so no need to worry on that aspect.
  • Though the blade looks small, you need to use it carefully as it can cut your skin. I got hurt twice while removing hairs around eyebrows.

Overall, I am happy with this painless hair removal technique. Though I couldn’t find out a way for my eyebrows, I don’t mind shaving the extras as and when required.

If you are tired of parlor visits and painful hair removal methods, do try this shaving technique.

Thumbnail courtesy – Crazy Studios

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  1. 1

    I started shaving my face with these tinkle razors like 3 years back and no looking back since then! They’re amazing and I don’t see my hair growing back thicker or faster.
    Btw try getting it from fancy stores, they cost less than 100 bucks in stores 🙂 I used to get for 25 rs and now 40 or 50 😛

    • 2

      Ah i wish i had tried this before instead of making me go through all the pain. Will check the nearby stores next time 🙂

  2. 5

    It cleared all my queries about favial shave. u posted just in time i was totaly puzzled aftrr seeing a makeup tutorial in youtube. now i am clear thanks sindu

  3. 9

    Thanks for the honest product review. It’s a shame it didn’t work well for eyebrows. I’ve been looking for something like this to touch up my brows in between waxing sessions.

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