Richfeel Hair Spa Kit – Review, Price, Swatches

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Hello Everyone,

Today’s post is about Richfeel Hair Spa Kit review.

If you have looked out for solutions to any of your hair concerns, you must have definitely heard about ‘Richfeel’. Apart from the treatments at their trichology centers, they also sell hair care products which are available widely.

One such product, which is a boon for lazy souls like me is the Richfeel hair spa kit with the richness of Moroccan oil.

Richfeel hair spa kit review

Before we move on to the review, let’s discuss a few facts.

Doing hair spa using products available at home is a messy, time-taking process. Procuring the materials, mixing, applying, washing it off, phew! And if you don’t get the desired result, hell broke loose. The entire process makes you tired instead of giving a relaxed ‘SPA’ feel that you don’t want to try it out again.

Obviously the next option is visiting a beauty salon. Getting a hair spa done at salon is definitely a relaxing experience but, it is expensive and you have to do it on a regular basis to get continuous result.

Do you think bananas are only to eat and not to apply on hair?

Do you want to reduce the time and money you spend on salon services?

Then richfeel argan oil hair sap kit is for you.

The hair spa kit comes in a square box, packaged well and consists of 4 products.

  1. Argan hair spa oil
  2. Argan hair spa shampoo
  3. Argan hair spa hair mask
  4. Argan hair spa serum

Richfeel argan spa oil

The Argan hair spa oil is very light weight, feels almost like a serum, easy to apply and easy to wash off as well.

Richfeel hair spa shampoo

Argan hair spa shampoo is milky white in color, lathers well and cleanses the hair thoroughly.

Richfeel hair mask

Argan hair spa mask is light brown in color, thick in consistency and conditions the hair pretty well.

L - Hair mask R- Shampoo
L – Hair mask R- Shampoo

Richfeel hair repair serum

The Argan hair spa repairing serum is the star of all the 4 products. I was expecting a thin liquid which would just imparts shine to the hair. To my surprise, the serum is more like a styling product. It is a little thick in consistency and can give definition to the hair. You can crunch the serum on your hair strands to get the desired hair structure.

Richfeel hairspa
L – Oil  R – Serum

The richfeel hair spa kit is priced at Inr 449/– For the price, I totally love the packaging of the oil and serum.

how to do hair spa at home

You can directly apply the products on your hair with the help of the stopper and you can also control the quantity of the product.

richfeel hair serum

A few may find the quantity of shampoo and hair mask less but it can easily come for 3-4 uses if you have thick/long hair.

Somehow, the usage instruction was not printed on the box as well as on the individual products. I was a little confused about how to use the hair mask as certain masks are supposed to be used on dry hair and a hair mask is supposed to be kept on for a longer time.

Anyhow, to check the efficiency of the products, I’ve oiled the hair just a few minutes before wash, kept the hair mask on for 5 to 7 minutes only and the products have worked well. If you keep the oil on overnight or for good 2 to 3 hours, hair mask on for good 15 to 20 minutes, you can definitely get salon like results at home.

Considering  the amount we spend for hair spas in salons and efforts we put for DIY hair spas, Richfeel hair spa kit is an economical and an effective alternative.

How do you take care of your hair?

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