Revamped menu at the Fun Pan-Asian Eating Restaurant Mamagoto

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I become very choosy when I have to suggest a new restaurant to someone. For me it is always trying out a new place and see how it fairs but for others, it may not be the same. They usually want a tried and tested place to enjoy a meal rather than experimenting.

That is why I never talked much about Mamagoto other than my blog post. Yes, it is an Asian eating-out experience which is more approachable, fun, laid-back and quirky. But I was not sure whether my friends and acquaintance were ready to experiment an offbeat Asian cuisine.

Well, all my doubts got cleared when I was invited to taste their new revamped menu. The new menu is predominantly infused with authentic Chinese and Thai dishes.

Note – My camera settings got conked (well, I messed it up) and I ended up with pics which required extensive editing so please excuse the pics.

They served beverages in the form of pop rocks with various flavors. Though they all tasted good, one drink could be heavy for one person and it was served in a way that it was not easy to share between 2 – 3 people. If they can serve it in small glasses, it would be great. Orange pop rock,Water melon pop rock,Litchi pop rock,Blue berry pop rock, Kiwi and passion pop rock are the options available.




Rainbow chicken dumpling, Mama’s dumpling veg,Crystal dumpling veg,Cheese and truffle dumpling,Prawn and celery dumpling,Mama’s shrimp dumpling,Bophut village hot chicken wings,Classic chicken wings,Summer mango salad,Silky wilky tofu salad

bophut-village-hot-chicken-wings cheese-and-truffle-dumpling

The dumplings were well cooked, soft with the right amount of stuffing. All the variants got vanished as soon as served. Rainbow chicken dumplings made of chicken and garlic, garnished with bell peppers, not only looked beautiful but also tasted good.  Bophut village hot chicken wings was the star starter of the day. The Thai spiced flavor was authentic with a hint of fiery coconut which made us ask for a second serving.

silky-wilky-tofu-salad rainbow-chicken-dumplingcrystal-dumpling-veg


Jacket potato, Chicken three pepper bomb,Yangchow champions fried rice, Bali barnie noodles veg, Masaman curry lamb, Masaman curry veg, Mama’s spicy ramen bowl veg, Osaka tube station chicken noodles.


Chicken three pepper bomb is what you call as a burst of flavors. Wok tossed green,white and schezwan peppercorns mixed well and finished with chinese wine and sesame oil.


Yangchow champions fried rice is a full on fried rice from China with chicken, lamb and shrimp. First of all it tasted nothing like the usual fried rice we get under the Chinese menu in other restaurants. Though we endorse the Indian version of friend rice, this champions fried rice is one example of simple yet delicious comfort food. If you have read my previous food posts, you knew that I am a bit hesitant to try seafood and mixing chicken, lamb and shrimp together is a complete NO from my side. But this time, I let go of my fear and tried the fried rice. I was completely bowled over by the flavor added by shrimp to the rice. All the 3 ingredients blended well together and completed this dish. Definitely the best out of all the other main courses served.


Masaman Lamb curry is a thick thai coconut flavored dish of persian origins with potatoes and onion served with plain sticky rice. When suddenly the Indian inside you crave for curry and rice, you can definitely give this a try. The gravy was rich in flavors which went well with the sticky rice. I just felt that the meat could have been softer. Though India and Thailand are like nearby countries, the tastes of our cuisines are different. Nevertheless, we almost use the same kind of ingredients. Adding potato along with mutton is one such practice my mom follows and I was happy to see the same in the Masaman curry.



Osaka tube station chicken noodles is a traditional ramen noodles bowl found in the tube station in Tokyo and Osaka, Subtle broth with flavors of mushroom, miso and shio tare (a mixed soya sauce) and marinated boiled egg served with tofu. This is yet another authentic dish from Mamogoto without any tweak to satisfy the Indian palate. Though it didn’t satisfy me on the spice aspect, I was thoroughly able to enjoy the uniqueness of the dish. They do provide chopstick to eat this noodles. So if you know how to use them, you can really experience the authenticity of this dish.



Sticky rice with mango (Eggless),Coconut panco banana with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream (Eggless),Home-made coconut and palm sugar ice cream (Eggless)

Sticky rice with mango is one of a kind dessert which can make you take a minute to indulge in the flavor and will definitely make you go ‘mm…’ The mango topping is not completely sweet but the right blend of sweet and sour. That along with the red and white sticky rice goes really well. A must try from the dessert section.


Home-made coconut and palm sugar ice cream tasted good with the coconut flavor and I didn’t taste the Coconut panco banana with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream as I am not a big fan of banana. But the other bloggers seemed to enjoy it.



Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and came home with a happy tummy. I was working on this post yesterday night and suddenly started to crave for all these dishes that I closed my laptop without finishing it 😛 I totally recommend this revamped menu from Mamagoto to all of you. Go enjoy this new food experience 🙂




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