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Two of my bloggers friends who got married at the same time as me were regularly blogging throughout the bridezilla phase. Me, on the other hand, was simply sitting and giving away excuses for not blogging. 

Today I thought enough is enough and started to type this post. 

I missed blogging! 

I’m not a part of many blogging groups. But there is a group, close to my heart, which consists of bloggers of various genres.There’s been a constant update of posts since the beginning of 2017. Everytime when I get a notification that someone shared their blog link on that group, I let out a sigh thinking when I’m gonna get rid of this no laptop, no internet phase and start blogging. 

Well, I am glad that I’m making an attempt at least now. With whatever resource I’ve, I’m gonna try to post something regularly till I settle in a place. 

Most of the friends cursed 2016 for being so bad but for me one of the major life event happened. Yeah I got married. 

So how’s married life? 

That’s an obvious question every newly married couples face. On the personal front, that is with respect to me and him, there is no much difference. Except that it’s weird to refer him as my husband to others. On the family front, that is with respect to in-laws, everything is completely different. From food to customs I’m not used to any of it. Guess I can dedicate different posts for each of my experience. 

Most of my friends were surprised that it’s a love marriage. We kept it really low for almost 5 years. A few friends who knew what we both have gone through for 5 years, were more excited than us about this whole deal. Once the wedding date was fixed, they often asked me ‘how are you feeling?’ The reply was always the same ‘I’m not feeling anything much.’ 

There are times or I can say moments which are of nothing special, something like we are watching a movie in laptop or travelling by car or when he don’t even acknowledge my presence, I just look at him and wonder, ‘how this all happened, how we ended up here, together’ 

I told him once, ‘our dream came true’ and he said, ‘it is still like a dream’ 

So to answer the question, ‘how’s married life?’

Yes, it feels like a dream! 

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  1. 1
    Shilpa Shetty

    Happy Married Life,… Very happy for you,… Even 2016 is very special to me too, because I got engaged and married in 2016,, 🙂

  2. 9

    I never knew your’s is love marriage too 🙂
    I’m married for 4 months and yes its still like a dream and I’m pinching myself everyday to realise its real 😛
    Congrats to your new life and keep enjoying this phase :))

  3. 11

    When i saw the pic on Fb, it was a surprise to me to see MINDS kiran ( i know him that way 😬).. Very happy to see two known people getting married to each other.Even i got engaged in 2016..

    Happy Married Life dear….

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