My recent visit to Bangalore – a few thoughts

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I am not sure how many of you know, I have stayed 2 years in Bangalore for my MBA. My husband was my classmate and Bangalore is where it all started. We had many unforgettable moments in Bangalore but as I was not a blogger that time, I never had a chance to share thoughts about my life in Bangalore.

Though I have visited Bangalore 2-3 times after getting married, I stayed there for 3 days recently during the Christmas holidays. Here is what a few things I have observed during my visit.

Pillion Helmet

Bike rides have a great contribution to our relationship. My husband used do drop me from college to my PG and that was when we started to hang out with each other, talked a lot, one thing let to other and the rest was history šŸ˜›

Being poor at remembering routes, I always admired how my husband can remember the routes even if he had travelled on that way only once, how he knows all the shortcuts and the knack of riding through the Bangalore traffic.

I was surprised to hear that the pillion riders should also wear a helmet in Bangalore. Though it takes away the pleasure of riding together on a bike, I was totally impressed to see almost all following the rule (Chennaites, any thoughts?)

He managed to grab a helmet from his site and this is how I roamed around šŸ™‚

Bangalore traffic


KarnatakaĀ Tiffin

After MBA, I have moved to Hyderabad and my husband stayed back in Bangalore. So whenever I visited Bangalore, I insisted on going to a Tamilnadu cuisine restaurant for breakfast (mostly it was A2B). Somehow, this time, I was in a mood for Kartanaka tiffins. We headed to MTR, Indira Nagar and had a hearty breakfast.

MTR Indira Nagar


I had Mangalore buns for the very first time followed by the ever-famous masala dosa, then neer dosa and finally coffee to wash it all down.

Mangalore Bun

MTR Masala Dosa

MTR Neer Dosa

MTR filter coffee

Bangalore Metro

I still remember my first Bangalore metro ride. It was during the initial stage of its operation and we just wanted to experience the ride. Since Hyderabad and Chennai metrosĀ are still in their inception stage with brand new wagons and stations, it was kind of shocking to see the used condition of Bangalore metro. Well, I am meaning it in a good way that BangaloreĀ had it 4-5 years before the other South Indian metro cities.


We all know that Bangalore is known for its pleasant weather. Somehow, this I time I feltĀ it be too cold. I mean, when I was in Bangalore, I didn’t even have a sweater. Now, irrespective of wearing a t-shirt, sweatshirt, jeans and shoes, I was shivering. There was heavy fog at 7 am with negligible visibility when I was reaching the outskirts of Banglore.Ā  Hyderabad is equally cold as well especially during the morning and night but Bangalore stayed cold and gloomy throughout the day. Either my cold resisting power is getting low or Bangalore is getting colder.

Nandi Hills

One of the famous weekend hangout place for the Bangaloreans. In all these years, somehow I have not visited this place. Though it is famous for witnessing sunrise, we went there in the evening around 5. Irrespective of not having much of an expectation, the view was little disappointing for me. Maybe the timing we went was wrong or the recent hilly areas I have visited must have set the standards high. Nevertheless, I am happy that I finally made it to Nadi Hills.

Nandi hills view

Not the traffic but the people

You must have seen many memes and heard many bad experiences about Bangalore traffic. Luckily, I have not caught in any horrible traffic jam (maybe because of the long weekend). However, what overwhelmed me was the number of people. There were people everywhere and they were more in number. I am glad about the diversity of the city with people from various part of the country. But, the sense of belonging is lost somewhere in the crowd. (click to play the video)

People people everywhere…. #bengaluru #crowdedaf #peoplepeople

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Have you been to Bangalore? Is it your favourite city? Share your thoughts.

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