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Kochi-Queen of Arabian Sea

The best tourist place in Kerala has to be Kochi, hands down. Sure, Kochi seems tame when compared to the backwaters of Alleppey or the pristine beaches of Varkala, but where else in South India can you find a package that includes all types of sights, and more? She ain’t called the “Queen of Arabian Sea” for nothing.

All you need to know

Kochi, or Ernakulam is a city located in the middle of the oblong state that is Kerala, right by the coast. It is also one of the most developed places in South India, with a healthy dose of malls, gourmet restaurants and fast food chains. However, Kochi also has its fair share of history and culture, with the Fort Kochi and Mattanchery areas immediately coming to mind. One thing is for sure—it is a city that stays in your mind for a long, long time.

Getting around

Kochi is extremely accessible by road, train and flight. The International Airport is located around 30 km from the city, and the railway station is right in the middle of it. Travelling within Kochi is also not difficult—there are many options available. Private buses in the city ply all routes imaginable, and autorickshaws even go where private buses do not. However, the traffic of Kochi will make one wish self drive cars were available. For those tourist spots which are located a drive away from the city, car rental Kochi services, like Zoomcar help a lot.

What to see

A few of the major tourist spots in the city include Lulu Mall, Mattanchery, Willingdon Island, Fort Kochi and the ever pretty Marine Drive. Lulu Mall was the largest mall in India at the time of its inauguration, and is well worth a visit for foodies—the place has innumerable eateries, serving all sorts of cuisines. Mattanchery and Fort Kochi are the cultural hotspots of India, and walking in those streets makes one feel awed and happy at the same time. The Chinese fishing nets in the Fort Kochi beach are a few of its kind, and make for an interesting sight. Willingdon Island is the place to go to, for those who crave an idyllic walk along the sea in a beautiful evening. However, Marine Drive remains the most visited tourist spot in the city—there is nothing more relaxing than soaking in the sea and sunset while munching on some roasted peanuts. All in all, Kochi is well worth a visit, for families as well as those looking for a bit of fun.

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