OMR Food Street, Thoraipakam Chennai

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When I got an invite to visit the OMR food street through The Chennai Bloggers Club, I was a bit hesitant. The main reason was the distance between my place to Thoraipakam. But meeting a group of bloggers especially from CBC always excited me and luckily there was a direct bus from my place to the OMR food street. That was how I landed on OMR Food Street on a Saturday evening.

OMR food street thoraipakam

As there were plenty of options available, initial few minutes were spent on where to eat and what to eat. Then a group of us joined together and started to hog on.

I wanted to start light therefore went ahead and order Kuzhi paniyaram from a shop called C-tasty. They had many varieties of paniyaram such as cheese, carrot, paneer etc but we chose to taste the classic ones. Tasted just right with the chutneys.

C-tasty omr food street

Next stop at Burma Square to taste the famous Burmese dish called Atho. Ever since I started working in Chennai, had been wanted to try Atho. It is famous around the beach station area which is again far from my place. I was really surprised and happy to see Atho being sold in the food street. Thanks to Gokoulane Ravi, who explained well about Atho and how to eat it the right way. As I was eating it for the first time, I could not compare it with the ones available near the beach station. But personally, I liked the taste.

Burma Square omr food street

Next we traveled back to Ki.Mu (B.C) to taste the traditional food made of millet. The thiai pongal was top notch. One of the bests I have tasted and I am definitely gonna ask my mom to try this at home 🙂

Ki.Mu Omr food street

We also ordered Adai which didn’t satisfy my taste buds much and the millet dosa tasted good.

By the time we were finishing this, Goki got the Thattu vadai set from the Thattu vadai touch shop. This was another item in my wish list for so long. Happy that I got to taste it here. Totally loved the taste and finished off with Panagam which had a very authentic taste.

Thattu kadai Omr food street

Then it was time to taste the international cuisine. We ordered a classic crepe from a shop called Zuki & Co. Though it took some time for the preparation, the crepe tasted finger licking good.

Zuki & Co omr food street

By that time, we were almost full but I was hearing from other foodies that parathas from Stuffed were really good. So we ordered a stuffed onion paratha. I am not sure whether the mix went wrong or something, the cumin flavor was so strong from the paratha that we were not really able to enjoy it fully.

Okay then we were completely full but there would be always a place for desserts right? I finished of the entire food street saga with my ever favorite chocolate milk shake from Oasis.

Oasis OMR food street

Points of Happiness

  • Pocket friendly
  • Lots of cuisines to try from
  • Overall taste is good in all the outlets
  • It is an experience to be enjoyed with family or a group of friends

Points of concern

  • The place is kind of congested (especially level 1) which spoils the overall eating experience
  • Far from heart of the city
  • Wash area can be improved

Though I enjoyed the experience at OMR food street, I don’t see myself going back again because of the distance. But if you are around this area, then this is definitely a must try place 🙂



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