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If you are an avid online shopper, I am sure you must have heard about Even though there are many online shopping portals out there, I must say Limeroad has put an extra effect to serve its customers the best.  So when I got a chance to shop from their website, I was super excited 🙂

The homepage itself a treat for your eyes with so many styles you can choose from. The best thing is, they keep updating the feed every second. Without even browsing through the categories, you can go through the different looks and start your shopping 🙂 Layout

They have some whooping discounts and sales going on almost all the time. Another best feature I must say. I planned to buy either a bag or a dress. In bags category, almost 50% sale and buy 1 get 1 offer was going on. For dresses also buy 1 get 1 offer was there. After lots of browsing and mental debate, I finalized a bag.

In the preview section, they show it how you can style the bag as in with what kind of dress and accessories this bag goes well. This really helps you to decide.  The dimension, care instruction, delivery and return policy etc are clearly mentioned. They list similar items on the right side which can help you to compare different models. Handbag

The original price was the bag was Inr 1199/- and I got it for Inr 539/- 🙂

I ordered the bag on June 14th and it got delivered on June 16th which is impressive. I got mail as well message notification once the order is dispatched as well as delivered. I was not there in the office when the package arrived and the notification really helped to know that package has arrived safely Package

The bag was securely double packed in a bright green packaging. The bag looked more or less same as shown in the website. It appeared to be a bit larger in the website but such differences are acceptable when the dimensions are clearly mentioned. Handbag Handbag

It has two compartments good enough to keep the stuffs. I just wish the zippers could have been lengthier with wider mouth so that we can dump things easily on the go. Opening and closing the zipper also hard. I hope it becomes easier when I start to use the bag on a regular basis. Handbag

The logo plate has some scratches which again a let down Handbag

But other than these, I really love the classy professional look this bag gives. Handbag

Overall, I am impressed with Be it the website layout, fast delivery and their customized mails, I love it all. I wanted to try their clothing section also before I can decide about the overall quality of the products.

Have you bought anything from No? It is time to check out their website.

To shop on the go, download Limeroad Mobile App. 

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