I miss blogging! New Youtube channel! Trying to get in to a schedule!

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Whoa! It is been so long that I sat and wrote something like this. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you must be knowing that I have a new YouTube channel now.

I feel exactly how I felt 2 years back when I started my blog. The only difference is YouTube is difficult and time consuming than blogging. There is a lot to learn and so much of effort is required to get one decent video. I am spending hours watching video tutorials on editing, lighting, camera usage etc. The same way how I used to spend hours reading WordPress forums.

To be honest, I miss blogging. A lot. It is been so long that I wrote a chit-chat post, a product review or a makeup look. Whenever I read such posts from other bloggers, I long to write one. YouTube is all fun, more interactive and sometimes addictive as well. But my blog is the one which gave me the identity. When I asked on my FB profile how many of you will be interested if I start a YouTube channel, the response was overwhelming and that was only because you guys saw some quality content on my blog.

So I am thinking that I will fit in to a schedule where I post 3 blog posts and 2 videos per week. I always try hard to follow if I commit something to you guys so let us see how it works 🙂

Before I say bye, if you have any requests with respect to skincare, makeup products, fashion, makeup looks, please let me know 🙂


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    I miss blogging too, Sindhu! I’m glad to know that you’ll be posting more often from now. I’m loving your youtube videos, too.

    Best wishes for your new venture! <3

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