Maybelline velvet matte MAT 6 – Review, Price, Lip Swatch

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Maybelline velvet matte MAT 6

Brand : Maybelline India

Price : Inr 475/- (available on discount online)

Maybelline velvet matte packaging

Shade : Maybelline velvet matte MAT 6

Availability : All beauty stores and online shopping portals

I was always a lip balm girl who shy away from bold lipsticks. When I started to attend various events for my blog, I have tried a few bold lip shades which completely transformed the entire look. After that, I haven’t hesitated to try bold shade lipsticks. Maybelline velvet matte MAT 6 is one such bold shade added to my stash. It is rather a lipstain or lipcream than to be called as a lipstick.

Packaging : 

Maybelline velvet matte MAT 6 is a beautiful pink color comes in a sturdy plastic bottle with a screw cap attached with the applicator. The packaging is compact and convenient. The cap closes tightly which eliminates leakage while travelling.

Maybelline velvet matte MAT 6 packaging

Maybelline velvet matte Mat 6 color

Applicator :

Maybelline velvet matte MAT 6 applicator

When it comes to lipgloss/stain/cream , applicator is an important aspect. I am not sure what is the type of this applicator (guess it is not dove foot applicator). But it does a perfect job by making sure that the right amount of product comes out and the application is smooth and even. You don’t even need a lip liner as the pointed edge of the applicator can be used for precision.

Maybelline velvet matte applicator

Formula :

As I said before, Maybelline velvet matte MAT 6 falls under the lip cream category. The consistency is just perfect and there is no fear of dripping during application.

Maybelline velvet matte MAT 6 Swatch

If you are having dry lips like me, applying a matte lipstick is always a nightmare. A matte lipstick can tug the lips while applying, dry out lips and accent the fine lines.  But Maybelline velvet matte MAT 6 has a creamy formula which glides on easily and keeps the lips hydrated. It takes a little time to settle down to a matte finish and boon for people with dry lips

Color & Pigmentation : 

I already own a few pink lip shades but the moment I applied Maybelline velvet matte MAT 6 on my lips, I knew that I am buying this one. The color can compliment any skin tone and especially it brightens up dusky skin tone like mine.

Maybelline velvet matte MAT 6 lip swatch

The pigmentation is just awesome. With 1- 2 swipes, the desired color can be achieved and it also covers the pigmentation of my lips

Durability :

I wore it for a blogger event which involved so much of chatting, laughing and little munching in between. The color stayed put throughout the event (3-4 hours).

Points of Happiness :

  • Beautiful color
  • Affordable
  • Convenient packaging
  • Well designed applicator
  • Matte finish yet not drying
  • Good pigmentation
  • Decent staying power for the price

Points of Concern:

  • A few may not find the finish matte enough

Will I recommend this ? Yes.

Will I repurchase this? Yes.


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