Make Waves At Your Reception With These 10 Stylish Bridal Hairstyles

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Often, we talk about our wedding days and our outfits and hairstyles with full attention. Equally important is the reception as that has you standing for hours and mingling with guests.

10 stylist bridal hairstyles

Here are 10 hairstyles for Indian wedding reception that won’t weigh you down!

  1. Low bun: First tie a low ponytail at the bottom of your neck. Inside your ponytail, form a gap that your ponytail can be twisted into to enter the rubber band again. You will notice your ponytail sticking out. Braid this part of the ponytail and tuck it into the gap in the ponytail.
  2. Open flower crown: Start by washing your hair and combing it back so that it stays in place. Then, fashion a flower crown out of a garland and fasten it onto your hair using pins! One of the easiest wedding reception hairstyles!
  3. Open volume: Start by separating your hair into small sections, and curl each section using a curling iron. If you’re concerned about the curls unravelling, wash your hair before-hand with Pantene Pro V before spraying your ‘do with hairspray.
  4. Head jewellery: Again, brush your hair back after washing and conditioning it so that it is soft and full of volume. Then, pick a gold or silver headgear that goes well with your wedding reception outfit and fasten it around your forehead onto your hair!
  5. 5 sectioned braid: Start by sectioning your hair into 5 parts. Then, take the first section of hair and move it over the second section so it is now the second section. Then, take this section and move it over the section right next to it. Keep doing this until your entire hair is braided! A gorgeous hairstyle for marriage reception!

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  1. Floral Bun: Start by brushing your hair back and tying a low ponytail out of it. Wrap the ponytail around your head into a bun and secure it in place using pins. Arrange the flower garland around the bun and secure that too with pins. The bun is one of the best reception hairstyles for saree!
  2. Messy bun: Start by making a ponytail. Don’t pull the ponytail through entirely. Tuck the tail of the ponytail into the ponytail again. Then, pull your hair in the bun from all sides giving the bun a messy look. Do the same to all the hair outside the bun, giving the hair a puffy look! One of the most modern and elegant hairstyles for Indian wedding reception.
  3. Side-parted curls: Start by smoothing your hair out with a brush.  Then, curl the bottom 4 inches of your hair, one section at a time. Move the hair to one side. Take one section of hair from either side, and pin them together at the back of your head, over your hair!
  4. Pixie modern: This hairstyle is perfect for those with short hair. Start by washing and conditioning your hair. Then, use a curler at a low mode to make soft waves out of your hair. Dress this hairstyle with long earrings, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous modern hairstyle!
  5. Messy braid: Start by parting your hair onto one side. Then, take one section of your hair and part it into 2 equal parts. Twist these parts together and periodically add hair from the hair we left out. At the nape of your neck, bring your hair together and start braiding your hair like a normal braid. There you go, an elegant reception hairstyle!


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