Life Update 2017

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Heylo People,

Hope you all are doing fine. I know it’s been a while since I updated the blog but there was something happening that kept me excited and occupied. 

Finally, I have moved to one permanent place. Hyderabad it is.
Why Hyderabad? I got a new job! yay! The whole interview process and hunting a house for rent took a while. We are moving in on 15h. My parents are coming down to help me out. Gonna be a hectic few weeks ahead yet I am happy about starting a new life as married couple.
Right now I am staying in a PG temporarily which is not so good but it makes me feel nostalgic about my previous hostel stays. Workplace is pretty cool and I will make a separate post about it soon.

Will I continue blogging?

Yeah of course. From hashtags to metatags, I have to change everything about my blog. I don’t have any contacts here, I am still getting invites for events based out of Chennai. Nevertheless, I am excited about exploring new things in Hyderabad.

Though I have stayed in Hyderabad during 2011-2013, I was not a blogger then. Now me being a blogger changes the perspective of each and everything I see and experience. Let’s see how Hyderabad treats the blogger me.

Hopefully the next post goes live soon. Till then take care 🙂


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