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How to stick to a healthy lifestyle

A pic of noodles for a topic about health? Yeah, that was just to grab your attention 😛

It’s 07:07 in the morning, I just had my coffee as I type this. I woke up at 06.30 which I have been trying to do for the past 4 days. Last week,I went for a morning walk for one day and after that didn’t feel like continuing it. Yesterday, all I ate was junk which includes a chicken shawarma at 10:45 in the night.

So the point is, I want to lead a healthy lifestyle but not able to.

Sticking to a routine and following a healthy lifestyle is not new to me. If you have read my previous posts on the same topics, you would know. Just that now I am married, new job, new place, it’s hard to fall back into the routine.

To make thing work, I have followed a trick before and going to follow it again, that is, announcing to everyone that I am gonna stay healthy. It works! Well, at least for me 🙂 Every time I eat junk or skip the morning walk, it pricks and I try not to be irregular as much as possible.

If you are someone trying to stay healthy, you can join me! Trust me it’s not that boring or sad 😛 Let me tell you why,

  • Let’s start with the good thing; we are not gonna follow any kind of diet. We should be just eating home cooked food all the 3 times at least for 6 days a week. (instant noodles or ready to cook foods does not count as home cooked food 😛 )
  • We can have cheat days & cheat meals. Maybe 2-3 cheat meals in a week (try to reduce it in due course of time) and one cheat day, let’s say Sunday.
  • We are going to eat on time and not going to skip any meal. Maybe you can replace a whole meal with fruits/juices or some healthy snacks.
  • We are going to cut down sugar intake. If someone gives you sweets, just take a small portion of it.
  • We are going to sleep early (at least by 11.30) and wake up early (at least by 7:00)
  • We are going to restrict the watching time, ie., 1 episode of the series per day and 2-3 youtube videos. Weekends can be exceptions 😛
  • We are gonna do some kind of physical work like a brisk walk in the morning, sweeping/mopping, washing vessels etc.

Apart from this, let’s try to stick to a routine. For example, I want to be more regular with my skincare and hair-care, want to write at least 3 blogs per week, want to fold clothes as soon as I remove it from the cloth line (we all have that one chair, don’t we 😛 )

So, are you in? I will be updating the progress on my Instagram. Do follow me and tag me whenever you make a healthy choice 😛 Let’s motivate each other and stay healthy together 🙂



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  1. 1
    Lakshmipriya V

    Goals goals goals everywhere! I have exactly the same goals as you and try to achieve them but with an infant at home all I can do is find a good spot to sleep & try catching up the lost sleep 😦 wish you luck in succeeding in your goals atleast 🙂 and “want to fold clothes as soon as I remove it from the cloth line (we all have that one chair, don’t we 😛 ”
    We do have that one chair which rests the dried clothes for 2+ days for me & 99% I fold them only when Mr. Husband starts complaining about it! 😛

  2. 2

    Taking care of the infant would be all the workout you need… And reg the chair, sometimes even the unwashed clothes mixed with the washed clothes lol

  3. 5
    Shilpa Shetty

    Nice initiative,.. I was following strict healthy lifestyle before marriage, but after marriage and my leg injury everything went on halt,.. just 7 months ago I started eating healthy.

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