Why Kumarakom is on my bucket list

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Most of you must have known that I have shifted to Hyderabad from Chennai which makes me the person who has good knowledge about Kerala among my other colleagues.

Kerala- God’s own Country. It has its unique charm and beauty that it attracts people all over the world. Though I have visited a few famous tourist places of Kerala, when one of my colleagues asked about some must visit places in Kerala, I ended up researching the places I have not visited there yet.
When you search for must visit places in Kerala, the backwater tourism will definitely pop up. Kumarakom, near the city Kottayam of Kerala is a well-known destination for backwaters.

Kumarakom has a very interesting history. The local kings of that region used boats called chundan vallam during fights and wars. The Vembanad Lake, the largest lake of Kerala was acting as a protecting barrier for the Kings from their enemies those days.
What will be surprising for the outsiders is, the people of Kumarakom still uses boats for transport. The other unique thing would be the boat race which happens around Onam (a festival celebrated in
Kerala). It is remarkable how the people didn’t want to let go of their courageous war act that involves boat and transformed it in to a sport. More than 1000 contestants participate in this boat race every year and almost 50 people rows a single boat.

But Kumarakom is not just about wars and sports. One of the main tourism attraction is the houseboat. It literally lives to its name – house in a boat.


If you are unheard of houseboats, you will be surely intrigued to know how one can stay in a boat. But it is not less than a luxury hotel like experience. All the amenities including food, rooms, and clean toilets are provided in the boat itself. The only difference would be, you would be sailing across the backwaters instead of confined inside a concrete structure.
A stay in houseboat would be definitely an interesting yet relaxing experience. Speaking of relaxing, how can we forget the Ayurveda therapies which are very famous in Kerala. Kumarakom is not an
exception; you get to experience Ayurveda spa treatments here. Some of the other places to visit would be, Kumarakom bird sanctuary, vaikom beach, Pathiramanal Island and Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls.
To experience all of it as a complete package, opting for a staying option like Kumarakom Lake Resort would be the best decision. Kumarakom Lake Resort is easily accessible from Kottayam railway station and Cochin International Airport.


Acclaimed as one of the finest luxury resorts across the country, it offers houseboat cruises, in-house Ayurvedic spa and transportation to all the tourist attractions mentioned. What more one can ask for? Kumarakom is in my bucket list for all the right reason and Kumarakom Lake Resort preferred place of stay.

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