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The other day, our house owner suddenly visited our house and casually asked me “Can I come inside and look around?”  Well can she do the same if the tenant is a family? There is a common belief that bachelors won’t maintain the house properly. Isn’t it? Well we can’t blame others alone. How many times you made your room messy and just slept on the same mess? How many times you took a week old food item from the fridge, didn’t have the nose to sniff it and dumped it in the dustbin. Well again you forgot to empty the dustbin and the bad odour spreads all over the house. You come from the office, open the door and immediately you wanna leave the place. Can you? No. You should go inside and clear the mess. Phew….

Why to struggle this much? Follow these easy steps and keep your bachelor pad odour free.

Always leave your footwear outside and arrange it nicely. If you don’t wanna keep all your footwear outside, after using it, keep it outside for a few hours and then keep it inside.

Keeping room clean Smelly to Smiley

After using the bathroom, keep the door ajar for a few minutes and then close it. This can eliminate odour as well as make the bathroom floor dry easily. Don’t forget to close it later otherwise be ready for the mosquitoes invasion 😛

Keep Bathroom odour free

Use the laundry bag with small holes like the one below.

Keep Laundry odour free

Even if you dump clothes for a week, the holes can eliminate the odour. Also, make a practice to do your laundry at least once a week.

Hanging more clothes on the hanger is also not a good practice. It can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, house for small insects and source for bad odor. If laziness is what stopping you from folding the clothes, follow this. Every morning, collect the clothes on the hanger and put it on the top of your bed.When you wanna sleep at the end of the day, you have to fold it 🙂 (but don’t shift the load from the bed to the chair )

Keep Laundry odour free

Keep Laundry odour free

Being a bachelor you may/may not be having a fully functional kitchen. But follow this small, basic trick. While washing and keeping the utensils to dry, keep them in a slanting position. If you directly place them on the surface, the moisture will retain in the vessel which causes odour. I know that it is a very simple tip but many may not follow this. Try this and you will be happy to see the results. Wiping the dried vessels with a clean cloth before keeping it inside the cupboard is also a good practice.

Keep Laundry odour free

If possible separate the wastes in to dry, wet and dispose the wet waste everyday. Have a habit of checking your fridge once in 3 days and get it of the old food items and vegetables.

Along with these tips, frequent moping and cleaning can make your bachelor pad a perfect place to live in.  If you are busy at work and don’t have enough time, you can always hire a maid.

When the owner visits, you can give the extra fresh feel by using a room spray like ami pur.


Hope you all liked the easy to follow tips to keep your bachelor pad odour free. Please let me know your tips and tricks too 🙂

I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity in association with Ambi Pur





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