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When I joined the Chennai Bloggers Club Facebook group, never thought that I would be closely associated with the group members. Sharada Vijay is one such good friend I earned through CBC.

It all started when I attended a sponsored bloggers event which most of the CBC members attended. As a fun activity, we were separated in to various groups and played Ad Zap.  Every group was trying to give the best with the limited time period. There was one team which came up with a simple concept yet won the prize. Sharada was part of that team and one of the main reasons for the team to win.  She was a natural and didn’t even hesitate for a second to think what to talk next. She was on a roll and I kept wondering how she was able to talk non stop 🙂

I was totally impressed by her performance and later went through her blog Marinated Mind (what a poetic name). I stumbled up on a story series called “Return of the Madarasi”. The name got my attention and I started reading the entire story.  A simple yet romantic, feel good story it was. I searched for her profile in FB and pinged her saying how much I liked her blog and the story. She happily informed me that it was gonna be a novel soon 🙂

After the first bloggers meet, we met frequently again in so many other events and impromptu meets and each time we were getting closer with each other. Well her life has a dark side as well. Behind this fun, positive woman there are lot of struggles which she successfully fought off.  She is that one person with whom you can be as much fun you want and also cry your heart out.

Her “Return of  the Madrasi” is now a novel named as ‘Make It 2″. She came up with a wonderful campaign to promote her novel by featuring real life love stories. A few shared funny incidents happened at their love life and a few opened their heart out. A girl even proposed marriage to her boyfriend through this campaign 🙂

Coming to the ‘Yar Ma Ne’ term mentioned in the title which translates to ‘who are you?’ is something she constantly uses to pull our legs especially in our whatsapp group chats. It became quiet famous and everyone started using it. As I said before, she has the ability to talk nonstop 😛 With that ability, she started a soundcloud channel in the same name Yar Ma Ne. She started the channel just for fun but later talked about various social issues as well.

From the first bloggers meet to the recent girls night out she hosted at her place, our friendship grew in to folds in a very shorter period of time. I am wishing her all success and happiness from my heart 🙂

I am sure you all are interested to know more about her. So stay connected my clicking the below links

Buy her novel from Amazon here 

Like her FB page here 

Follow her on Instagram and Twitter here and here 

Listen to her audios on soundcloud here 

Don’t forget to read her blog and here is the link 🙂

Oops I almost forget to tell that she performs stand up comedy as well 🙂

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