Influencers – It’s time to take responsibility

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Every now and then, people of the ‘blogosphere’ have been voicing out their opinion on this whole ‘Influencer’ trend. I was not really sure whether I should write about it or not. I don’t want to sound accusing, pointing out the mistakes of others. Eventually, from my own experience and what I have been seeing, I was understanding where it is all going wrong. So thought of voicing out my opinion here.

There is this famous Korean brand, gaining momentum in India through various campaigns. One such recent campaign is #antiageingbeforeageing. The concept is to start using anti ageing products before seeing the signs of ageing. There are many influencers endorsing the anti-ageing range, running contests and ‘creating awareness’ about why is it important to use anti ageing products as soon as you hit your 20s (like, seriously?)

Before I talk further about this campaign, I want to share my opinion on this whole anti-ageing thing. I recently changed my WhatsApp display picture to a photo of me and my mom standing together. Many of my friends pinged me saying how young my mom looks. She doesn’t have a flawless skin but she definitely looks younger for her age. That woman never used any skincare product or makeup her entire life. Now, I am not saying that one should not use any product on their skin (who am I kidding :P) but sometimes, I feel like we just over complicate things.

For the millennials who always want to look perfect and Instagram ready, this anti-ageing before ageing seems to be an additional burden, making the fear of missing out (to follow the recent trend/fad), worse. As my friend was saying, at the 20s an individual should be more about exploring life and opportunities than worrying about ageing.

Before I started to blog, I was just a reader of many beauty blogs. I was easily influenced by many products which got good ratings from the bloggers. I have evolved from that stage, yes. But it took at least a year after starting my blog for me to accept my skin as it is and to realize the fact that just because a product worked for someone else, it’s not going to work for me. Also, to understand just for the sake of blogging, not to try out trending skin care products endorsed by many bloggers.

At this point, I am ready to use a product prescribed by my dermatologist rather suggested by a beauty influencer. Irrespective of all this, if a blogger is suggesting a product saying it resolves certain skin issues similar to mine, I am tempted to try it out. Whether I am buying it or not is different but I am definitely influenced. If a person who is blogging for more than 4 years can be influenced, think of some youngster with body insecurities.

I am not against influencers. There are many bloggers turned influencers I follow. I totally understand the hard work they put and it is not always just posing for a camera. But it worries me when they collectively endorse such sensitive campaigns. They cannot just get away by saying ‘I have used this product or this is a regime I follow that is why I am endorsing it’.  An anti ageing product is not like a moisturizer or a sunscreen. The effect of such products on one’s skin can be drastic. The influencers should take complete accountability for such campaigns. At the end of the day, it is a marketing campaign, the brand is trying to impose the concept of anti ageing on youngsters who should not be really worried about such concerns.

This is my 2 paisa on the whole influencer trend. Would like to know your opinion as well 🙂

What do you people think stopping the influencers to take responsibility? Is it the money involved? Is it the same as a celebrity endorsing a product and making a responsible purchase is on the consumers?


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