What Is The Ideal Diet That Contains Healthy Food If One Wants To Lose Weight?

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No diet is perfect but every healthy diet have few elements in common. Those few elements are what makes people win the war over temporary battles and watch those kilos drop off for good. Here are a couple of diet recommendations for food newbies and connoisseurs alike. Say hello to these and you’ll be waving your waistline goodbye in no time!

Vegan Diet

There’s only one rule in Vegan – if it moves, it grooves, so don’t eat it. Period.

A vegan diet is a plant-based diet which revolves around the goodness of fruits, whole-grains, and vegetables. From leafy greens to unroasted protein rich plant-based seeds like almonds, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts, vegan foods don’t compromise on protein and keep your waistline trim when done right.

Your sugar levels fall under control plus calorie control becomes easy since plant-based foods are naturally low in calories. A vegan diet provides you with the perfect dose of minerals and vitamins, thus keeping your cholesterol levels in check and your heart hale and happy.

Paleo Diet

Also known as the ‘Caveman Diet,’ the Paleo Diet is behind one main premise – if the caveman doesn’t eat it, neither should you. Tracing back to the palaeolithic era, the diet advocates eating natural foods and even throws in meat and eggs in the mix. With the paleo diet, all you have to do is avoid grains, processed foods, carbs, sugars, and anything that comes in a package. With the paleo diet, you don’t overcook meals, you eat them in their natural state.

Keto Diet

A low carb high-fat diet, the Keto Diet involves inducing a state of ketosis in your body where your body burns fat through a lack of carbs. Normally, carbs are converted to sugars which burn up as energy or are stored as fat. With a low-carb diet like the Keto Diet, you produce ketones due to an insufficient supply of carbs in the body, thus burning fat and maintaining a metabolic state. Avoid eating grains, sugars, fruits, and tubers and you’re pretty much good to go.

A Few Pointers

Keep in your mind your calorie intake and the quality of your calories. The ideal diet is one in which you balance your protein, fat, and carb ratios along with your calorie intake. Avoid processed foods and junk foods since even if you eat them in controlled portions, the quality of their source isn’t good.

Wholesome natural foods fuel your body with energy and prep you up for the day. If you love takeout or home delivery, a few options you could try out are Eat Fit lunch or dinner packs or even signature items like Pita pockets or Tofu Paranthas. Make sure to count your calories, eat healthy meals, and you’ll see those kilos drop off nicely.


Alternatively, you can consult a nutrition or fitness expert. Cultfit provides exclusive membership packs for fitness for all your workout and fitness needs. Eat several small meals throughout the day instead of two to three large meals to prevent binge-eating or un Healthy Food cravings. Keep moving, eat healthily, and watch those calories and their quality and you’ll be halfway there before you know it.


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