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I am excited to write this post because I have achieved something which I am really proud of. Few months back, I have written a post about how to stay motivated to lose weight. While writing it, there was a small voice inside me saying, ‘well, now your not having a fulltime job so you can’t simply go out and advice save time and work out’ I just shooed it away thinking ‘ha.. I worked for 2 years and I know how it is’ I WAS WRONG. When I started to work in Chennai, it was hard to maintain the work-life balance. Even though I convinced myself saying, I do all kind of household works and cook so it is ok if I am not working out, the thought of being a hypocrite haunted me. Yes. If I want to work out, I have to push myself and spend time for it. But before all that, I lost weight. How?

  • I took the serious decision of cooking my own food (for all the 3 times) It is not only healthy but helps me saving lots of money
  • I cut down on all kind of snacks and junks. I was following it already but as I was staying at home, eating more cannot be avoided at any cost
  • I decided to eat out once a week  including junk food but I try to avoid it as much as possible
  • I reduced the quantity of rice but sometimes I have it for 2 times a day. Yes, I never imposed strict diet on me. I cook one cup of rice and it comes to almost 2 cups after cooking. I have it for both breakfast and lunch. Most of my energy gets consumed in the morning travel itself. So eating rise in the morning  keep me full till lunch
  • I started to eat lots of fruits, nuts, and carrots as fillers. In simple words, healthy snacking to keep me full
  • I cut down on sugar. Morning I have women’s horlicks (claims to be sugar free) along with milk and one spoon of sugar and in the evening one mini tea (from a nearby restaurant) with one spoon of sugar. Once in a while I have coffee and sip green tea with honey
  • Eating on time. I have my breakfast around 9 AM, lunch around 1-1.30 PM, dinner by 7.30 – 8.00 PM and I sleep by 10.30-11 PM.
  • Of course the household chores. Washing clothes, washing vessels, cleaning room every now and then, running errands etc

With in a month, I started seeing changes. All my tight clothes have become loose and can see visible difference when I click pics (especially selfies 😛 ) My flatmates noticed and commented that I am losing weight. My granny complained to my mom saying I became thin 😛 So irrespective of eating rice and an egg everyday, I managed to loose weight. Weight loss Now, I started to go for walk in the morning 🙂 the feeling I got when I went for a walk on the first day is incomprehensible. I was motivated,stayed happy and satisfied. A day in my life is long and tiring 5.45 Am to 11.00 PM with all kind of works but at the end of the day, I go to sleep with immense satisfaction. There are 2 things I am yet to achieve. 1) Joining a gym 2) be regular in blogging. As I have started waking up early now, joining a gym can happen pretty soon I guess but being regular in blogging? At a point of time, I felt there is too much on my plate. Work (which also includes blogging), personal life, volunteering and social life. I thought I can’t have it all. But seeing all the bloggers and successful people around me, I feel nothing is impossible. I do blog regularly but the pattern is missing and I miss visiting others blog too 🙁  But, as everything is falling in to place, hopefully my blog can reach heights too 🙂 So back to the topic, to all the people who ask me ‘how do you lose weight’

  • Push yourself
  • Stay committed
  • Work out ( as simple as a morning walk)
  • Eat healthy and on time
  • Cheat (eat) once in a while

I have mentioned this in many of my posts and I am saying it again, ‘if I can do it, you can also do it’. Finally, I am not supporting being skinny, visible collar bones or thigh gaps. Losing weight made me more confident. I look good, feel good and comfortable in my own skin. I never starved or followed any crash diet. It is also a matter of healthy living considering the health trends among youths these days. So it is up to you. Yes life is once; it is your wish to eat whatever you want. But never complain and compare yourself with others. If you wanna lose weight, you should make lifestyle changes else be happy with your current body 🙂 Hope this post was useful and motivating 🙂 I am working on another fun post which shows a day in my life more visually 🙂  As usual, comments, suggestions and questions are welcomed 🙂

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    Many people tell me that I should lose weight or join a gym. But the fact that they don’t know is that I eat healthy, avoid junk and I have kept the same weight for almost 6 years now and the same waist line too. My old clothes fit me from when I was a teen. I really don’t like typical exercise but walking, running, swimming and sports are things that I love to do. Good luck and keep up.
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    • 4

      that is great that your are in the same weight for 6 years… shows your commitment… for me weight gets fluctuate like anything….

  2. 11

    hi de sindhu
    well, actually its very easy to lose weight. . and even I lost 7 kg in two months .. ter r even few recipes and specific exercises to lose weight I follow it even I eat well during tis period .. starving wont help ..

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