How to make money with blogging?

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If I had a rupee for every time someone asked me “how to make money with blogging?” Umm… no that doesn’t happen much. But I do get a few queries about starting a blog and how much one can earn through blogging.

This is going to be a bit lengthier post as I am going to write about everything I know when it comes to make money with blogging.

First let me start with my personal experience. As you all know that I blog about Lifestyle, Fashion, Food, Beauty & Makeup, my clients are from the similar industries. The type of collaborations I do are as follows,

  1. Attending events
  2. Food tasting sessions
  3. First-hand experiences
  4. Website/Brand reviews
  5. Sponsored posts
  6. Barter activities

In the first 3 activities mentioned, there is no direct monetary benefit involved. I get exposure towards latest trends and media features by attending events. I get to try new restaurants and attend food festivals. I will be the first few to experience something and share it with my readers.

The next 2 i.e., website reviews and sponsored posts have monetary benefits. Website reviews are mainly for coupon websites and online shopping portals where I can write about UI, offers available, types of products available etc. It gives a good reach for the website among my readers as it can be useful for them.

Collaboration on barter basis is famous among fashion and beauty bloggers. Basically a brand sends the product to the bloggers in turn the bloggers have to try the product and post review about the products. Again, there is no monetary benefits involved in this but you get to own products worth certain amount.

Apart from the above mentioned methods, another way to make money with blogging is through Adnetworks. Google adsense is one of the famous adnetwork used by many bloggers. So basically adnetworks pay a blogger based on, CPC (cost per click), CPA (cost per acquisition) and CPM (cost per thousand impression) with respect to the ads displayed on your blog. Affiliate marketing (when a reader clicks on an ad displayed on your blog and makes a purchase, you get a commission), is another method by which many bloggers make money.

There are platforms such as Indiblogger, Blogadda , Blogmint etc which help bloggers to connect with brands. Even through these platforms, you can earn as you complete the task (blog post, social media shares etc) assigned.

How much do I earn?

Let me be honest here. I don’t earn much through my blog. For sponsored posts and website reviews, I charge around Inr 2000/- to 3000/- depending on the requirement. It is not a surety that I get sponsored posts every month.

I do have adsense and affiliate marketing enabled on my blog but the number of visitors to my blog are very less that not much earnings through that as well.

How about the fulltime bloggers?

There are so many successful fulltime bloggers who makes a living out of their blog. So how do they do it? There are 2 ways to go about it.

  1. The number of visitors to their blogs are really high (thousands to lakhs per day) that they earn through adnetworks and affiliate marketing. It could be generally a blog forum/ network with many contributors, posting at least 2-3 posts per day with SEO.
  2. High social media following (verified accounts, followers count in lakhs) that the brands are ready to pay even for attending events and product reviews.

How can you make money with blogging?

Earning through blogging is as similar as starting a business. You have to invest lots of time, energy and money before you start seeing the income. Have patience and focus on creating quality content without worrying about the money you make.

If you are going to start blogging for the first time, try to pick a niche. It could be tech, news, education, fashion etc. The main thing is, you have to be passionate about the niche you choose so that you will be able to generate quality content. Try to explore through various topics related to blogging such as SEO, tags etc. Be active on social media platforms. Follow blogs, forums, groups related to blogging and digital marketing.

If you write something personal like a blog for poetry, humour, stories etc, SEO may not help to a great extent. In that case, try increase your followers on social media platforms. Post snippets from your poems, interesting quotes from your stories to direct your followers to your blog.

Once your readers and followers base increases, you can try your hands on adnetworks, try affiliate marketing and can start charging for sponsored posts. As I said before, you need to invest a lot before seeing results. Unless, you take your blog seriously and start working on it, you may not able to see results out of it.

Being an Influencer

Actually you can earn even without a blog, as an influencer. Brands are ready to collaborate with individuals who have very good fan following. For example, let’s say you are very good at creating ‘dubmash’ videos. You have started to share your videos on Instagram just for fun but it is becoming popular and you have gained good number of followers. A brand notices that you have a good follower base and wants to feature their product in your feed for certain price. There you go, no blog, no seo, no adnetworks, you are able to earn as an influencer.

But many predicts that it could be a temporary trend for various reasons. One example I can quote is whatever you post on social media is just instant unlike your blog posts. If you have written a review of a product a few months back, people can still land on the post through google search (provided you have done SEO) but chances are very less that someone sees a sponsored product post that you have posted on your social media channel months back.

Guess I have covered almost everything I know when it comes to make money with blogging.

Hope this post cleared few of your doubts. If you need any further clarification, comment below or ping me on any of my social media channels. This is one of the longest article I have written, do give your suggestion and feedback.

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  1. 1
    Destination infinity

    Good detailed explanation on this topic. The issue with earning through blogging is, one needs a lot of following or lots of traffic to earn any considerable income. Besides, trends keep changing and so do business models.. it’s important to adapt to newer ways of doing things. I guess that’s true for any business.

  2. 6

    Really enjoyed this post Sindhu.

    Absolutely agree that if you want to start earning money from your blog that you have to start thinking of it like a business. It’s not simply a matter of setting up a website and waiting for the money to roll in. It can take years for some bloggers to make any money, if at all. It’s definitely not a get rich quick scheme.

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