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When we say “looking back” the phrase indicates at least a decade back. But when we talk technology, looking back could be just an year back. Don’t you agree with me?

I remember in 2011, my mobile was neither a smart phone nor the one with an internet connection. When I upgraded to a smartphone, I was introduced to apps and 2G internet. But as I was not a tech savvy, the slow internet connection didn’t bother me much and the apps such as whatsapp was not having much attributes like now.

Then I got introduced to the world of blogging 🙂 Terms like Instagram and Pinterst were used often 🙂 When I downloaded Instagram, I was just a silent follower of a few active users. Then I tried taking pics and applied various filters and I really liked how it transformed a dull picture. Then I slowly started uploading pics and gained followers.

I remember the days when each Instagram pic took more than 30-40 seconds to load and the uploading got failed every time. I relied on my laptop for browsing through facebook and whatsapp was still an alternative for messaging.

When the blogging world took me seriously, I have to take certain things seriously as well. I can’t rely on a 2mp camera phone and my laptop all the time. I needed a good quality camera to take pics and speed internet to upload things on the go. That is when I upgraded my smartphone as well as the internet connection from 2G to 3G

After that, everything seems to happen so fast. An instagram upload, a fb update, a tweet, anything can happen in a few seconds. Once I used to tell my friends ” What you have a 3G connection? Of course your battery is gonna drain soon” But now, I cannot live without my 3G connection.

It helped a lot for my blogging. I can read blogs of my favorite bloggers on the go. Can go through Instagram feeds in no time. Can watch YouTube videos without buffering. There are many times that I used to think why I haven’t started using 3G earlier and before I come out of that regret, *BAM* Aitel introduces 4G…..


Like me, most of you might not had smartphones in 2011 and within 4 years, we are in our 4th generation. This fast movie technology just amazes me.  I am remembering something that happened a few weeks back when we were conducting a creative thinking course for students. We asked the students to think of a world 20 years from now and list down the changes that could have happened. One student mentioned that we will be in the 8th generation in terms of communication technology. But at this growth rate, I guess we can experience 8G in just 4-5 years

I can’t weight to indulge in the Airtel 4G experience. Before that, let me give some pointers

  • Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services
  • Nationwide rollout across 296 cities
  • 4G available at 3G prices
  • Getting a 4G SIM is just a tweet away – #GetAirtel4G
  • Free home deliverey of 4G SIM

When I shifted from 2G to 3G, I was bit worried about the increase in data charges but now 4G is available at 3G prices. Isn’t it a double treat?

So what are you waiting for? Tweet away and get an Airtel 4G sim at your doorsteps. Don’t forget to check the Airtel Website for more information.




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