Healthy Cocktails by Westin Velacherry, Chennai

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Alcohol – the magic potion which makes us laugh, cry, dance, talk about world peace and what not?Social drinking is an emerging trend or already a common scene in India.

Taking inspiration from fresh natural ingredients, local flavors and craftsmanship, Crafted at Westin is the Westin brand’s newest food and beverage program featuring handcrafted healthy cocktails.

‘Healthy and natural’ what else can pull the crowd towards this new concept?

I was invited for the launch and tasting session of healthy cocktails at Westin Velacherry, Chennai. A welcome drink and lip smacking starters were served first followed by display and tasting of the cocktails.

Crafted by westin

mini lamb burger

healthy cocktails

westin velacherry

The cocktail options available are,

Watermelon ginger martini – vodka, watermelon, ginger, lemon juice

watermelon ginger martini

Sothern sirens – gin,midori,coriander, green chilli, apple, lemon juice

Sothern sirens cocktail

Curry leaf mojito – white rum, curry leaves, lemon wedge, demerara sugar

Curry leaf mojito

Summer kiss – gin, fresh cucumber, mint leaf, apple juice, agave simple syrup

Summer kiss cocktail

Apple Bee – vodka, honey, apple, cinnamon

Apple Bee cocktail

D’Ananas mist – white rum, dark rum, pineapple chunk, vanilla, cardamom

Ananas mist cocktail

Real touch – vodka, ginger, basil, orange juice

Real tough cocktail

Hot basil lemonade – basil leaf, green chili, lemon juice, agave simple syrup, soda

Hot basil lemonade

Each cocktail was presented in a way which can evoke the senses in terms of aroma, sound, visual presentation etc. My personal favorites were watermelon ginger martini and real touch.

The cocktails are priced at Inr-600/- inclusive of taxes. The mocktail versions are available as well.

If you like cocktails and want to try something new, you can definitely go for these healthy cocktails by Westin.. With nice ambiance and tasty main course, the willows bar at Westin can be the best place for a relaxed evening.

How well you like this concept of drink to your health?


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    Hi Sindhu, thank you for sharing this post. I love the concept of each drink and would like to try all of those one of these days if I have the chance to visit Chennai. Are there other variety of drinks on the menu or is it just the ones you’ve posted?

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