Getting a tattoo for the first time

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Hello Everyone,

This post is about my experience on getting a tattoo for the first time.

I am very bad at remembering dates except birthdays of a few. Thanks to Facebook memory option that it threw a photo on my timeline saying it’s been a year since I got my tattoo. So I thought of writing about my experience of getting a tattoo as I have lived with it for a year now 🙂

Tattoo design

I always wanted to get a tattoo because it is something unique and personalized.   The easy part was I knew what design I wanted to get.

getting a tatto for the first time

People who hear my full name ask why JP, what it stands for and when I explain them, they are always surprised. Also, I being an only child to my parents, these 3 letters just represent us and signify our relationship.

Before getting the tattoo

I was not even afraid of the pain I have to go through while getting a tattoo. You know what I was afraid of? My mom. Yes I am a grownup woman but still I am afraid of my mom for so many things. I was really not sure how she would take this whole concept of getting a permanent tattoo. I came up with an idea of telling her it’s just a temporary tattoo and will go away in few months 😛

While getting the tattoo

Actually I was tricked in to it by my dear friend 🙂 He was already having 2 tattoos and wanted to get one more. I thought it would be easy to go through the entire process if someone is accompanying and getting a tattoo for themselves. But he wanted only me to get the tattoo and bought a coupon as a gift which he told after reaching the tattoo place. I was not able to back out as the money was already paid.

things to do while getting a tattoo

After deciding the font style for the letters, the only concern was the pain factor. Almost everyone who noticed my tattoo asked about the same, ‘was it painful’. Each of us have different pain bearing capacity so it is really hard to explain how painful it was. But, if you are a girl, you know how painful it is when you get threading done on the delicate areas, this pain was something similar to that. But you have to bear this pain continuously until the design is done. Also, the pain depends on the design as well. If you see my design, it is neither complicated nor made of thick lines. So the pain was bearable and no blood or tear shedding.

getting a tatto for first time

After getting the tattoo

Of course I took hell lot of pictures and shared it with friends.

And here it is… #gotinked #firsttattoo #yay #excited #myfamily #jps #familyfirst #familytattoo #momdadme

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I was highly surprised that my mom didn’t say anything about my tattoo. I am sure she must have thought ‘idhellam enga urupada pogudhu’ which roughly translates to ‘anyway she is not gonna listen to whatever I say’. Moving on, the skin eventually gets dry and peels off just like how a wound peels off and after that the ink remains, forever.

getting a tattoo

A few pointers to someone who want to get a tattoo for the first time 

  • It is a permanent tattoo so think well (like really well) before you get one.
  • The design you are going to get is very important. It is to stay forever. Don’t go for something which denotes your current state of mind. Go for some design which always defines you. Also, avoid designs which represent some believes. For eg, someone suggested me to get a ganesha tattoo. Though ganesha is cute, I didn’t like the fact that it represents a particular religion. But it is totally up to you.
  • The pain is bearable so don’t worry about that. If you think, you may back out in the last minute, get a friend along who won’t let you do that.
  • In which body part you are going to get the tattoo done is important as well. I wanted the tattoo to be visible and prominent. I might get another tattoo in a same way on my left hand so that both tattoos can complement each other.
  • Now the tattoo place. Generally people think a lot about choosing the tattoo place but we just googled and went ahead. Doing a thorough research about the place is good but don’t get confused with too many choices. Just ask any of your friends who already got a tattoo and go ahead with the same place.
  • Putting a tattoo is a serious business and no one wants to mess up with it. So don’t get tensed about the process. It is very unlikely for something to go wrong. Just make sure a new needle is used and if you are not sure, ask the in charge person directly. Leave the rest to the tattoo artist and relax.
  • There are a few other things such as your parents may not be happy, it could be frowned upon in your work place, the tattoo design may change with the changes in your skin in due course of time, some doctor dude will say you will get jaundice after getting a tattoo etc. So go back to point number 1 and think 🙂

Hope you guys found this post useful. If you have any other doubts regarding getting a tattoo do ping me or leave a comment here. If you already have a tattoo, do share the design with me.

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