Flared palazzo pants with crop top

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Chennai is experiencing a weird climatic condition right now. Though we are blessed with frequent showers, the humidity will make you sweat like a… just use any metaphor that fits 😛 So dressing up for such climatic condition is always a challenge. This flared palazzo with crop top is a perfect combination which is just apt for this situation.

Flared Palazzo pants

The flared palazzo pants are big and airy which doesn’t make you sweat like other bottom wears( jeans/leggings/tights) do. It is made of synthetic material which can dry easily in case you get stuck in a sudden downpour.

palazzo pants with crop topThe pants are supposed to give a skirt like appearance which is a fashion trend right now. It is supposed to cover my entire legs but as usual because of my height, it is only ankle length for me.

 black palazzo pants

I suppose it can be worn as a formal wear as well with a formal shirt and shoes. What you guys think?

The crop top is made of cotton and polyester mix with an embroidery detailing around the neck. The crop top is not body hugging and the hands are short which is perfect for the humid weather.

palazzo pants onlineThough the crop top didn’t appeal me in the first sight, once I tried, it gave me the feels, ‘omg! I need this in my life!’ It is that piece of cloth which is simple yet looks classy when you wear it.

crop top online

For the accessories, I went with a beaded neck piece , a double trouble black earring, a simple yet sleek handbag and cat-eye shaped coolers. I wore a white loafer shoes just to add a fun element and to walk comfortably as I was roaming a lot that day. Here is the better pic of the shoes I shared a while back on my Instagram account. PS – I took this from the men’s collection 😛

As I am having severe breakout on both sides of my cheek, I went bare skin without any base makeup. Just added a coral lipstick from maybelline colorshow range, kohl and eyeliner.

I really liked the way this whole look had turned out. Please let me know how you liked this and any feedback to improve the look 🙂

what to wear with a palazzo pants

black palazzo pants

Flared Palazzo pants – Westside

Crop top – Ethnicity

Shoes – Spencer plaza

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    Cool one.. and I was wondering how you got Palazzos that don’t sweep the floor and end up getting torn at the edges after long walks on the road.. Good, that you are tall.

    I love minimal look and this seemed appealing 🙂

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