Five Star Chicken in Chennai

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As much as we try to follow a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food, a fried chicken, a juicy burger with fries, crispy nuggets can easily tempt anyone.

But eating a junk food is not only about weigh again. The overall making process with frozen ingredients, reuse of fatty oils, meat from antibiotics injection-ed chicken can cause serious health damages in the long run.

What if a company is clever enough to come up with a concept of a quick serving restaurant (QSR) which incorporates certain standards that can make the customers to have a cheat meal indulgence without any second thoughts about health issues?

When I was invited by five star chicken for a tasting session, all I expected was hogging on fried chicken and burger 😛 but their quality policies, warehouse to store supply chain, varieties in the menu etc really took me in to surprise.

They have 3 kinds of friend chicken,  thai crispy, crunchy masala and hot n’ smokey. Each one was unique and can satisfy different palates. For example, thai crispy was less spicy induced with thai spices and cruncy masala was full of Indian flavors and more spicy. The chicken nuggets and hungry bird chicken burger seemed to be their famous, fast moving dishes.

What took me in to surprise was seeing sausages, hot dogs and chicken briyani in the menu. I have never seen sausages and hot dogs being served in QSRs, in Chennai. So these are definitely a hit among kids and youths who will be looking to try something new and taste wise these are surely a win. When it comes to briyani, I take it very personal 😛  I would always eat briyani in a place which is meant for briyani (if you know what i mean  🙂 )I was just wondering why would they introduce briyani as an option when they could have just stopped with dishes that are meant for a QSR. But the briyani is one of the bests I had that day. The spiciness, taste were just right, the small chicken chunks were perfectly cooked and definitely satisfied by briyani carving 🙂

Apart from the eatables they have dessert and beverage options as well. Choco volcano – a dessert which can make you hog endlessly without being too sweet on the mouth, chocolate samosa, masala nimbu and green apple are the options available. They also have a dedicated veg menu.

Another thing which impressed me was, they exactly know what they want in the business and how to go about it. It is just like a neighborhood store where you can have a small bite or just grab your food and go. Never expect a restaurant kind experience in their kiosk. Nevertheless, they are a ISO certified company, they do thorough background checkup and frequent visits to the franchised stores, they follow the limitations when it comes to re-usage of oil and they make sure to incorporate halal practice.

When the whole country was haunted by birdflu, five star chicken made an open statement on media that all their chicken were safe. They are confident enough that they can track down each chicken to its egg. That is the kind of personal care they give for each and every ingredients they use.

So whenever you crave for fried chicken or burgers or something different than the usual, five star chicken is definitely a better choice.


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