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It is a good practice to clear your stash every now and then to get rid of the old products and to make space for the new ones. Even though I review things, I never hoard. I think a lot before buying a product and if I am not gonna use it on a regular basis, then it is a big no to buy it.  So it is not easy for me to just throwaway products. But at sometimes, you have to get rid of few things for your own good being. For example, throwing out an old expired product.

Things I am throwing out

I stopped using the lotus sunscreen and the neutrogena moisturizer for a few months when I got skin allergy (the reason for skin allergy was something else). Now they are almost nearing the expiry date.

The gel liner from maybelline is super dry to use. I know a DIY to make it work but it is almost expiring and I wanna try the new improved version.

I kept the biotique kajal just to create smoky looks but I hardly used it so throwing it away.

The maybelline mascara and the eyeliners are the most used products but as they are dried up now, I am throwing them away.

As I am tanned right now, the garnier bb cream does not suit my skintone anymore and it is not a good option for the Chennai weather.

The least used product here is the beauty uk eye-shadow palette. It was a total dud with nil color payoff. I still remember how excited I was when I received it in my fab bag and I tried various methods to make it work but everything went in vain. A big goodbye to it.

(The shampoo bottle in the pic should have been on the empty list but as I was clicking many products on that particular day, I totally lost it and misplaced it here. Please excuse me for that)


I finished one more bottle of Mabh hair oil and I am having the last bottle with me. After I finish that, will do a collective post about my whole experience.

I think I overused the underarm roll on as it is summer 😛 but I am not gonna use them for a while to see whether stop exposing underarms to chemicals brings any change for the pigmentation

I managed to finish the Just herbs face wash and sticking to himalayas neem face wash for a while.

The glass bottle is a body creme from Gia bath and body works. Will post a review on it soon.

Just herbs lush methi shikakai shampoo is one of the best shampoos I used till date. I completed like 3 bottles but somehow missed to post a review on it. I am taking a break from this shampoo so that my hair wont get used it. But I am definitely gonna buy it again and will post a review about it.

Below are the replacements for the empties.


Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Did you guys managed to finish any products?



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