Owning a Saree – An easy yet stylish way to sustainable fashion

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Importance of owning a saree

This post is not about styling a saree, saree draping 101 or anything of that sort. I like to wear saree the way it is without any fashion experiments. This post is about importance of owning a saree. If you’re inclined towards ethical and sustainable fashion, saree is a must in your wardrobe.

sustainable fashion

  • Firstly, a saree can last for years.I’m sure all the elder ladies in your family still have their wedding saree in wearable condition.
  • Unlike other sustainable clothing, a basic saree is not expensive. If you’re just starting up with sustainable fashion and not okay with spending a few thousands for just a piece of clothing, consider buying a saree.
  • You can directly get it from the weavers through many melas/exhibitions and even through small vendors.
  • Though saree is may be the first form of refined clothing and fashion has evolved so much after that, it is still a unique piece of clothing that you can repeat this as many times you want.
  • Lastly, one size fit for all. Be free to steal beautiful sarees from mom, aunts, sisters and friends.

Get comfortable with saree

Sustainability/ethical fashion and all okay but I don’t how to drape a saree🤷

If this is your major concern to get on to the saree wagon, then I would suggest you to follow a few steps.

  • Go to a saree draping class and learn from an expert. You can learn it from your mom or your friend who knows how to drape saree yes but when you invest money and time on it, you take it seriously and learn it properly.
  • Practice , practice, practice! Once you know the basic step by step process, it is very easy to drape a saree. You will spend very less time and will need very less pins.
  • It need not to be that perfect. Even after draping saree for like 2 years now, I still screw up. Earlier I used to get frustrated but now I just accept it and go on with the not so perfect drape. I can show you many women rocking sarees in a very casual way.
  • Wear saree whenever you get a chance. The fear of saree falling off, difficulty in climbing stairs, doubts on how to pee etc will go away once you get used to it.
  • Go for sarees which can be draped easily. Especially in silk sarees, go for soft silks which are not that heavy and are easy to get pleats as well.

Though I said this will not be a styling 101 post, I cannot help but giving out a few pointers. Here I styled the saree with a crop top.

saree with crop top

That with a messy ponytail and small bindi kinda worked really well.Pair it up with heels and a bling bag, you’re ready for a casual party/dinner/evening out.

saree and crop top

You can go with a sleek ponytail and make it an office wear. This single pleat can be a go-to if you don’t have enough time to do more.

ethical fashion

If you like to experiment

saree and tee

  • You can drape a saree with a t-shirt, shirt, cropped tees/shirt/tops to give it a twist.
  • You can also try different drape style. I liked this concept of not draping the saree around that helps us to move very freely.
  • There are no pins required for this style and can be done in less than 5 mins. I’ve paired it with jeans which have pockets. Should I say more?
  • When I first shared it among my friends, mothers of active toddlers seems to be pretty impressed by this style.
  • I just tried this style out of curiosity but I can see myself styling this way going forward. Will definitely make people to turn and look at you.

saree with tee

saree with jeans

Hope this post was helpful and you guys like the different ways I have styled the saree 🙂

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