Dove Roll on whitening unscented – Review and swatch

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Hey All,

Today review is about a must have product for me. I use it everyday especially in this hot summer.

Dove Roll on
Dove Roll on

Brand :Dove

Price : Inr 143/- (may vary)

Ingredients : Not mentioned

I stopped using deodorants and perfume on my underarms as the harsh chemicals can make the delicate underarm skin, rough and can cause pigmentation. So I started using roll on which are mild.

Most of the roll on are scented and it can clash with the scent of deodorant or perfume we use for body. When I saw this unscented roll on, I really wanna give it a try.

It comes in a regular roll on packaging made of plastic which is light weight and travel friendly. It is truly unscented. Once you apply, it creates a white layer but it get absorbs and does not stain clothes.

Dove Roll on
Dove Roll on

It stays on me like 12 to 24 hours when I stay indoor and depending on the room temperature. But once I go out (checked around 12.30 am), it could not control sweat.

It does smoothen the underarm. Doesn’t do much on the whitening part but if you use it along with regular scrubbing without shaving and usage of hair removal cream, it helps in making the skin softer and brighter.

I bought it in a local supermarket. I think it is a imported one  because there are other languages printed on the back. I could not find it in online shopping portals also.

Dove Roll on
Dove Roll on

Points of Happiness :

  • Unscented so wont clash with the scent of deodorant or perfume
  • Controls sweat and odor to a good 12 to 24 hours
  • Smoothens the skin.
  • Very mild on skin without burning or itching

Points of Concern :

  • Can’t control the sweat in outdoor environment
  • Can’t wear it alone if you want some mild scent to linger which other scented roll on generally gives
  • Not available everywhere
  • Whitening effect only if used along with other remedies

Will I repurchase it : Yes. Till I find an unscented one better than this

Will I recommend it : If you need a mild unscented roll on, go for it.



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