Don’t let those pimples win

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Men or Women, a teenager or a grownup, everyone want to look at their best. Well “looking at their best” can vary from people to people. For few it may be just a well groomed look, for few wearing a good dress and for few it may be an entire makeover. Whatever it may be, looking good can boost the confidence level for anyone.

But there are few things which can jeopardize that confidence. One such thing is Pimples. As mentioned above, men or women, teenager or an adult, anyone can suffer from pimples/acne. Let me share my pimple story and things I have learned from it πŸ™‚

My pimple story :

Till 2012, I was having a clear skin. I do get pimples every now and then but nothing severe. In the year 2013, pimples started popping up on my cheeks as nobody’s business. I was not sure what is causing it. My roommate was also getting pimples that time so we decided that may be the pollution is what causing it.

Then I resigned my job and came home thinking that my acne will go away. Does it? NO. It became worse. I got severe acne which causes scar. As soon as one acne disappear, another appears. It started spreading to my forehead and nose as well. I have tried all kind of tropical treatments but nothing changed immediately.

My mother was the most worried soul than me. She has been seeing my clear skin since childhood and she was worried to see my face full of pimples πŸ™ I tried many tropical treatments and one such ubtan really helped me to control the acne.Β But when we made the next batch, we added few more ingredients which caused severe skin allergy πŸ™

Skin allergy along with acne – worst case ever πŸ™ Finally I made the visit to the dermatologist. Β After few tropical creams and tablets, the allergy got reduced.

Then I shifted to Chennai on Nov 2014 thinking my acne problem is gonna get worse. But to my surprise, the acne reduced considerably and the scars started to fade. I am attaching the pics below for Β a better idea.

My pimple story

2012-13 : My clear skin. First year in Hyderabad

2013 -14 : Taken after coming home from Hyderabad. You can notice the pimples and scars in my cheeks and forehead.

2014- 2015 : This pic was taken just two weeks back. You can notice that the acne and scars have faded considerably

So what actually happened?

Stress – From the mid of 2013 to the end of 2014, my life was full of stress. Leaving the job in Hyderabad was one of the major decisions I made. Β After coming home I was pretty sure that I will enter the educational field. But that didΒ not happened as I expected. Then the training I planned also did not go well. Then came the worst part when I was bankrupt and did not even have money to run the blog.

When I shifted to Chennai, everything fallen in place, I got the job I like, a perfect place to live, money to run my blog , volunteering in blue cross etc.Β Β Finally, I am feeling happy and content.

I believe this is the main reason for my acne to clear out.

Few things I wanna share :

  • Never compare yourself with others. Not even with the old photograph of yours. I always look at my old photos and think how flawless my skin used to be. I look at others girls who are having clear skin and feel sorry about myself. This just worsen the things and increases the stress which in turn results in more acne.
  • With or without pimples, you look beautiful. I do see many girls with pimples and still they look beautiful with good features. Then I realized that when I can see the beauty in others why not within myself.
  • This too shall pause. However crappy your life may be at this point, itΒ will change. Just wait for it and meanwhile don’t let the stress take over your health.

Few Tips :

  • If you are suffering from adult acne or acne in your teens or acne during hormonal change, it will clear up. Give it some time πŸ™‚
  • If your pimples are because of hereditary reasons, maintain it so that it won’t increase.
  • Neem, turmeric, besan Β and honey are good for treating pimples. Make use of them.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and watch what you eat.
  • Always take medical advice if the condition gets worse.

So my dear guys and girls, yes pimples are gross, it may affect your confidence but never, ever let those pimples win πŸ™‚

This post is written for indiblogger along with garnier. Read more about garnier pimple care proucts.Β Β

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