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A tiny pimple pop, little hair fall, slight tanning – we tend to do all kind of remedies to get rid of it. But, dental care? Nah…

Well, most of us brush our teeth while we are half asleep or while browsing through the Instagram feed. Brushing at night? Come on, who does even have time for that kind of stuff?

Even I was least bothered about my dental health. A few years back, it started to bleed in between my teeth. The bleeding caused stains and bad breath. I was not at all confident to approach anyone and talk. When I visited the dentist, he simply advised me to brush twice a day which I followed without fail. Within a few weeks the bleeding stopped completely. Since then, there was no problem with respect to my teeth. So I was not visiting a dentist.

But isn’t it good to visit a dentist for a general checkup once in an year or once in 6 months? The invite from Apollo White Dental came on the right time and I am glad that I visited the dentist. Read on to know more.

Apollo White Dental is a a leading dental chain of hospitals which is a part of Asia’s healthcare giant, Apollo Hospitals. I was invited to the Apollo White Dental at Vadapalni. The receptionist welcomed me with a warm smile and made sure that I was comfortable while waiting for the dentist.

The dentist attended me within a few minutes. First she asked me a series of questions about my general health condition, medicine intake, allergies etc which was a standard procedure for every patient. Then she did a thorough oral examination.

There was no major problems but there were a few cavities at their initial stage which need to be filled (luckily no root canal 🙂 ). At first she tapped the affected teeth with an instrument to check if there was any pain. There was a slight discomfort but no pain as such.

Before cavity filling, scaling (cleansing the teeth) was done. I remembered the first time when scaling was done to me. It was painful and every time I took a break and spit, there was blood. But this time, no pain or bleeding (thanks to my habit of brushing twice). After scaling, the doctor went ahead with cavity filling.

Before the procedure, the doctor explained me clearly that how the procedure is done and how I would feel during the procedure. Cavity filling is a painless procedure in which the affected parts are scraped off and then it is filled with a filling material. The best part is, there is no food restriction as such after cavity filling 🙂 within an hour or so you can munch on your favorite food 😛

The procedure didn’t even take 15 – 20 minutes. Other than keeping my mouth open throughout the procedure and hearing the whirling sound of the machines, I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. The doctor made sure that the filling was done properly. She carefully scraped off the excessive filling and made the surface even.

After cavity filling, she went ahead with polishing. Now polishing does not make your teeth sparkly white as shown in the TVCs. It is a process to make the teeth surface smooth so that the food particles won’t get stuck and causes plaque.

Once all the procedures were done, the doctor patiently answered all my queries. Brushing twice a day, rinsing the mouth thoroughly after every meal, avoiding extremely sticky foods like certain chocolates, regular flossing are a few steps to follow to avoid formation of cavity.

Apart from these basic services, Apollo White Dental also offers,

  • Prosthetic dentistry
  • Implant dentistry
  • Pediatric and preventive dentistry
  • Orthodontic dentistry
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Laser dentistry

You can read in detail about all these procedures on their website  Don’t forget to checkout their blog for some useful information about oral care.

I am really impressed by the services provided at Apollo White Dental. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a good dental clinic.



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