Cutting my hair short, a big mistake?

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We all been there, done that. We go with an idea of just a trim but end up losing almost half the length of our hair. The last time I did something like this was around 2008-2009. All I wanted was 2 layers but the parlour lady said my hair was scanty that 2 layers would not make any difference. She didn’t mention how much she was gonna cut and all I heard was just the ‘sirk sirk’ sound of the scissors. It ended up something like this

cutting my hair short for the first time
Sorry for the blurry pic. This is all I got

People who knew my long, thick were hugely disappointed. Even for me it took so much time to make peace with what I have done. I kind of made a resolution that I will not cut my hair short ever but only to end up like this after 9 years.

cutting long hair short

To know why, read more…

Ever since I started blogging, I have written a lot about my hair. I even took a hair growth challenge. I was always under an impression that my hair was in a bad condition. But when I was going through the old pics taken during hair growth challenge, I realized that my hair was healthy.

long hair india

hair style for long wavy hair

When I took the challenge, I was at home and was in to fulltime blogging. I had enough time to take care of my hair and of course mom’s food that helped a lot. Later when I moved to Chennai for a fulltime job, I didn’t have enough time for the usual routines. That was when I decided to go for a trim. I clearly explained the stylist that I wanted some structure but nothing intense like many layers and at the same time I wanted to maintain the length. I was pretty happy that nothing disastrous happened. I even wrote a blog post about the entire experience which you can read here.

trimming hair

Later, I decided to grow my hair straight as in without any structure or layers. I went for another round of trim after several months. This is how my hair looked around June 2016.

hair trim for long hair

In the past few months my hair experienced a few drastic changes which I failed to notice. When I got married and went to my husband’s native, the weather was extremely cold in contrast to the weather at my native. Then we visited various places with different weathers that along with change in water, irregular hair routine etc. gave me dandruff. I failed to notice until one fine day my scalp was extremely itchy that I asked my husband to check. He said I have dandruff all over my scalp. It was a shocker because I got my scalp examined twice before and both the times the results showed that I had no dandruff.

Dandruff made my hair extremely unhealthy. My hair was getting frizzier as well which caused extreme hair fall.Earlier, I can just leave my hair loose without any styling yet it gave a nice wavy look.

long wavy hair

But now it kinda gave an unkempt look. You can see that the volume had reduced and the hair was extremely frizzy and unhealthy

dandruff causes

dandruff symptoms
look at my hair ends :(

I was desperately looking for a change. I wanted volume and structure back in my hair. When I went to the stylist, I listed out all my problems and insisted that I want volume in my hair. He said volume cannot be attained without reducing the length. I went ahead with my gut feeling and said yes.

The first best thing happened after the haircut is considerable reduction in the hair fall. My hair is not frizzy anymore and looks healthy. Dandruff is still there but now as the length is reduced, it is so easy to follow a haircare routine. Oh, the haircut also received many compliments.

So why I wrote this long post going on and on about my hair. We all know that hair will grow back when we cut but still we are so obsessed about long hair and not wanting it to cut. I just want to say, it is okay to cut your hair short. We all lead a busy lifestyle, the moment you feel like your hair is too much to handle, go ahead and get a makeover. May be you are causing more damage by keeping it long.  Yes, people will comment but it doesn’t matter as long as you are fine with what you are doing. I was so obsessed about getting back my long thick hair I used to have during my teenage. But guess I am just gonna maintain a decent length which will be convenient for me to maintain.

What are your thoughts on this?

You have a short hair or long hair?

What haircare routine you follow?

How you find time to maintain your hair?

Pour in your comments please!


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    Hey hi work is.going gud…no more regrets that short hair actually suits you..could you please mention what type of hair is this because am also looking for a hair cut.

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