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Though these are products I have emptied over a period of time, it always gives happiness and a sense of satisfaction to write product empties posts.

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You can see that I have emptied 2 big sized and 1 normal sized moisturizers. Thanks to winter and my dry skin. I have purchased Nivea body lotion twice but right now I am using a travel-sized Vaseline moisturizer and stocked up a big sized Dove moisturizer. I will definitely come back to Nivea as it is one of the trusted/stable moisturizers.

Most talked products on the beautysphere which tempted me to try are the Bioderma make remover and La Rosche Posay effaclair skincare range. Sadly, these didn’t live up to the claim. I have purchased Maybelline micellar water after finishing the bioderma one and in no way, I could say bioderma was better than Maybelline. But I don’t use waterproof makeup, so bioderma might be a better option to remove waterproof makeup compared to other makeup removers. Do your research before you invest on this.  When it comes to the Effaclair range, it didn’t react with my skin in a bad way yes. But, does it clear my scar, prevented acne? No. I still use the toner which comes along with this combo but I am not repurchasing this skincare range.

I was religiously using biotique shampoos for a while. I think it was my 3rd bottle and I have a  travel sized one unused. There is nothing great or bad about this product. A regular shampoo which comes with the ‘natural/organic’ tag. I might repurchase it or try something similar.

Tresemme shampoo/conditioner combo is again a stable product. I like to try different shampoos and conditioners (right now using L’Oreal clay shampoo/conditioner) but I will always come back to Tresemme.

I bought the body shop lip balm after a beauty vlogger recommended it for removing pigmentation on the lips. Though it worked well as a lip balm and as a base for matte lipsticks (without taking away the matte effect), I didn’t see any change in the lip pigmentation. I may not buy it again mainly because of the price range.

If you ask me to recommend a mascara or ask me to choose only one mascara for the rest of my life, it would be the Maybelline falsies. I have tried a few more mascaras even from the same brand but nothing made me go wow like this one. Currently, I am using a different variant from Maybelline but will definitely repurchase the falsies.

I am on my third bottle of the Nivea deodorant. Of course, I didn’t buy it for the whitening claim. I am sure no deodorant can make your underarm milky white and I have come to terms with the way my underarms look 😛 I have repurchased only because of the refreshing fragrance which stays all day long. I have used a few more deodorants in between but I always come back to this. The only drawback I have wrt this is, it forms a white cast when I spray it on my visible pulse points.

I bought the plum green tea facewash with so much expectations. But seriously, what miracle a facewash can do? Do you have a holy grail facewash that can do wonders? Let me know. Coming to this face wash, I was disappointed to see micro-granules in it; as I have sensitive skin and such scrub particles can affect my skin badly. Luckily nothing of that sorts happened but again, it’s just another face wash that cleanses your skin. Nothing excited me to repurchase this.

The Maybelline baby lips lipbalm is my all time favorite. The days I feel like not wearing lipstick but want to have some color going on, I reach for this. I have bought 2 more of it with different shades but this pink is something I will repurchase.

The Ansolar sunscreen was prescribed to me by a dermatologist. I have a detailed review of this sunscreen which you can check to know more. Right now I am using the Lotus 3-in-1 matte sunscreen but looking to switch to some other sunscreen. As summers are approaching, the Ansolar sunscreen might make my skin oily and that is the only thing that makes me hesitate to purchase this again. Do you use a mattifying sunscreen? Let me know.

As much as I am happy to write this post and glad that there are a few more products which are in the verge of getting over, I am extremely sad about something else. To know more you have to wait till my next post.

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