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Claire by Poornima Baskar – Book Review

We read about accidents in news almost every day. We sympathize with the victim. We keep ourselves in the victim’s place and think how our family and friends suffer if we die. We forget about it in a day it two and move on.

Then there is news which taunts us forever. How you reacted when you came to know about the Mastermind behind the deadly blue whale came is a 17-year-old teenage girl? You question. How someone who’s supposed to be normal can do something eccentric like this?

So Claire, a happy wife, affectionate daughter, dies in an accident. Is it a normal incident you read in news and move on or is there something strange behind the incident that gonna make you wonder why Clarie?

I don’t want to giveaway anything more about the story as I want each and everyone of you to read it on your own and enjoy it; especially if you’re in to crime thriller/ suspense stories.

Now, why Clarie? I mean why you’ve to invest your time, money and read this story, Claire.

These days it’s not a big deal to get a story published. Give money to a publishing house, they publish your story, get a few reviews from book bloggers, congrats you’re a published author.

What makes Poornima and her story stand out from the crowd?

1. She believed in her story and went for Kindle publishing.

2. She is a natural. You won’t feel like you’re reading a book of a debut author.

3. There are no over the top commercial elements added to the story.

4. The story is gripping and you end up wanting for more.

I won’t say there are no flaws at all in the story; after all, it is her first book. You might end up asking ‘Why Clarie’ and I guess Poornima is open for debate and discussions.

To conclude, Claire by Poornima Baskar won’t disappoint you. You will thoroughly enjoy reading the story. You will definitely wish Poornima to write more.

I’m waiting to read her next novel.

Buy it from Amazon, Kindle and Paperback.

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