What Are The Causes Of Hair Fall

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Facing hair loss?

Hair loss

Here are few things you need to know about the condition that can help you get to know about the cause in-depth and reach out to your dermatologist for a proper treatment.

Hair growth cycle:

Hair grows in three different cycles, namely:

  1. Anagen: it lasts up till 8-9 years and is the reason for 90% of the hair on our head
  2. Catagen: Also known as the transition phase, it lasts upto 2-3 weeks and is the time when the hair follicles shrink
  3. Telogen: It the phase in which the hair goes into the resting phase and this cycle can last upto 4-5 months

Causes for hair fall:

While losing 50-100 strands of hair a day is considered to be normal, anything more than that needs immediate attention. Hair are considered to be our crowning glory and losing them very often and that too in excess can really mar one’s confidence. While hair fall reasons can vary from one to many, knowing that they can still be treated and cure is a reason enough to make anyone feel hopeful. But before knowing about how to treat the problem, gaining in-depth knowledge about the causes of hair fall is equally important.

While hair loss might seem like a common and prominent phenomenon among men, it would not be wrong to say that women suffer from it as well. The reasons for hair fall in male may not differ from the reasons of hair fall in females, the fact is that it can equally affect both the sexes. Listed below are few of the hair fall reasons that you can read about.

  • Genes:


Genes is considered to among the top most causes for hair fall in female and male both. But if we are to believe researchers and dermatologist genes play a major role as a cause of hair fall in females. It is so because each time a normal hair follicle is shed, it is replaced by a hair of equal size. But in case of women the new hair that grows tend to be thinner and weaker. The hair follicle continues to shrink in women and over a period of time completely stop growing. Thys becoming a major hair fall reason among women.

  • Hormonal imbalance:

 hormonal imbalance

Both men and women go through bodily changes at different stages in their life. But in women it becomes more of a reason for excessive hair fall because of hormonal changes brought in by conditions like menstrual cycles, pregnancy, PCOD and menopause etc., among others. While hormonal imbalance can also become a reason for hair fall in males but a condition like androgenetic becomes more dramatic in males than in women.

  • Lack of hair care regime:

Hair care regime

Today’s busy life leaves us with little or no time to take care of our hair. But the fact is that ignoring to take care of your tresses can eventually become a reason for excessive hair fall in both men and women. Some other hair fall reason also includes excessive use of chemically treated hair products, washing hair with hot water too often, using styling tools, blow drying etc.

  • Poor diet:


Crash diet, fad diets or inclusion of too much junk in your eating habits can eventually become a reason for hair fall in male and females both. The temptation to indulge in these foods is high but so are the risks of its effect on your hair. Sugar, preservatives, acid and high oil content found in junk foods leads to not just weight loss but also secretion of excess sebum in the hair glands. It leads to problems like dandruff, oily scalp, itchiness, dull and brittle hair and host of other scalp conditions.

While hair fall reasons could be dime and dozen, what is important to maintain a proper hair care tips that can help combat most of the hair problems we suffer from. Often indulging in hot oil massage therapies using oils like Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil, washing them regularly, keeping them protected from sun, not exposing them to too many chemicals and products can go a long way in preserving them and making them grow thick and strong.

Dabur Vatika

Apart from this, a healthy diet vitamin, minerals, calcium and other essential nutrients rich diet and including fresh fruits, salads and juices can aid in giving you healthy, naturally shiny and bouncy tresses.

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