My bridal saree, Where to buy bridal silk sarees in Chennai

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Hello Everyone,

Today’s post is about my bridal saree and where to buy bridal silk sarees in Chennai . 

buy bridal sarees in chennai

To be frank, I was a bit skeptical about writing this post because, my wedding was a Telugu style wedding and I bought a saree according to the Telugu custom. So how well the content can be useful for people who want to buy bridal silk sarees in Chennai?

But… what if someone like me, a Tamil girl marrying a Telugu guy checks my post or a Telugu girl, marrying a Tamil guy takes the help of google and lands on my post or how about Telugus who are settled in Chennai?

Well, I am not good in maths, don’t want to calculate the probability of the above said things that can happen so I just decided to go ahead and write the post.

It is so common for the Tamil brides to settle for colors such as red, maroon or a combination of orange and red when it comes to their bridal saree. I always wanted to go for a different color like a pink or blue. I was kind of disappointed because in Telugu custom the wedding saree should be of white or half white with a maroon border. But it was told that the border color can be of our wish not particularly maroon. Yay! I went for a beautiful pink color border.

buy wedding sarees in chennai

With the restriction in saree color, I wanted to buy my bridal saree at least from a unique place than the usual famous ones where people generally prefer to buy bridal sarees in Chennai and I was having 2 options in mind.

The first option was Tulsi silks. Ever since I saw their Lakme Fashion Week collection, I so wanted to purchase a saree from Tulsi silks. Unfortunately, the shop was closed on the auspicious day we decided to buy the wedding saree. But I did buy a saree from tulsi silks on a different day, that is for another post.

The next option was Old Nalli Silks. Unfortunately, there were not many options available in the color combination we asked for so couldn’t purchase from there either.

With the 2 options I had in mind ruled out, my mom casually mentioned, ‘We can try in Kumaran Silks you know, the shop is there since we were kids and we used to buy from there every now and then’

That is how we ended up buying my bridal saree at Kumaran Silks.

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To our surprise, there were many options available in half white color, especially half white and pink. Mom doesn’t want the saree to look like plain white so we made sure that the golden designs are clearly visible 😛

where to buy wedding sarees in chennai

If you are someone like me who wants to buy wedding saree from a unique place, then try out

Tulsi silks – Unique designs and made their appearance in the Lakme Fashion week

Kumaran Silks  – Been in market for more than 60 years. Quality guaranteed.

Nalli Silks – Been in market for more than 85 years. Quality guaranteed.

The other usual ones,

Pothys, Chennai Silks, RMKV, Saravan Stores – Know names when it comes to Saree shopping in Chennai. Huge bridal collection with specialties like Samuthrika Pattu, Vivaha collection which are meant for brides. Many branches are there outside Chennai as well.

Palam and Sundari Silks – Been famous for the past 5-10 years. Heard good reviews from the people visited. Can definitely give it a try.

That’s it for today’s post guys.

buy bridal sarees chennai

Where did you buy your bridal saree? Any significant story behind it? How much time you took to select your bridal saree? Any other shop you want to add to this list?

Do let me know 🙂

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    I got my bridal muhurtham saree from Nalli.. the maroon silk One.. Apart from that, I got my sarees from Kumaran Silks and Thulsi silks 🙂

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