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We all must have played the ‘wedding game’ during our childhood. Dressing up, performing some fake rituals, acting as husband and wife, total fun isn’t it? I am not sure about men but for women, the planning for her own wedding starts at that age. Throughout the growing up process, the thought or talk about wedding always happens among group of girls

We watch movies, attend friends/relatives wedding , observe things and a series of thoughts follow. It is either ‘Okay! That is never gonna happen in my wedding’ or ‘Wow! This is definitely gonna happen in my wedding’. Well, I am no exception here.  Sometimes I think that I should just get my marriage registered, sometimes I feel like it should be a wedding at a beach destination and other days I want a big grand south Indian wedding. This confused mind of woman I tell you!

But when you are gonna be a bridesmaid, you don’t have much choice. You should do what the bride is asking you to do. Even though I am all in for silk sarees and statement jewelries,  it is my dream to be a part of a western wedding with white dress and matching bridesmaid dresses. Such kind of theme weddings are catching up in India but the options to buy bride’s and matching bridesmaid’s dresses at reasonable cost is pretty less in India.

But, worry not. Introducing an online shopping platform which sells wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses etc at an  excellent quality with reasonable price tags. A few from their collections

Cheap Bride Dresses

Cheap Bridemaid Dress in teal color

Cheap Bridemaid Dress in blue color

Cheap Bridemaid Dress in Purple color


Check out their collections. You will fall in love for sure 🙂

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