Biriyani is an emotion 

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Though non-veg is almost compulsory on every Sunday in my house, biriyani is something special. My mum prepares biriyani rarely may be once in 3 months or when some special guest is visiting but I don’t complain. The wait is totally worth it. When my mum was a kid, they didn’t really know about this wonderful dish called biriyani as it is not a typical Tamilnadu cuisine. A neighbour muslim bhai taught my grandma how to prepare biryani and my grandma taught her daughters.

It is a tradition in my household to give some biriyani for taste around 12.00 pm as soon as it’s ready. That is the first round. Afterwards, during lunch, goes round 2 and 3 and then for dinner another 2 rounds. I like to have biriyani as it is without onion salad or any gravy.

My mum takes this decision of making biriyani at least 3 days before Sunday and asks ‘Sunday biriyani pannalama’. It was a never an instant decision. So when she told me recently on a Wednesday about her decision of making biriyani for the coming Sunday, I just can’t stop thinking about it. On the D day, I was eagerly waiting for the traditional tasting session and wondering whether my fellow carnivore friends feel the same way? Do they really dream about biriyani? I went ahead, asked few of my friends about their love for biriyani and below are the responses for it.


Goki, ‘ I feel happy and will cross check whether it’s kirithigai or ammavasai’


Divi, ‘ I would be dreaming about the meat pieces in biriyani and mom will make mushroom biriyani (hehehe for the same reasons goki said). Biting an elachi while enjoying biriyani is a huge turn-off. Getting a leg piece in biriyani just doubles the happiness’


Kums says, ‘ My face would be literally like this 🙂 🙂 🙂 and I will find a way to keep my stomach empty till lunch so that I can just gorge on the biriyani.’


Nirups, ‘ Whenever I get a hint of biriyani aroma on the way to home, I ask mom to make biriyani the very next day and eagerly wait to eat.’


Dharma, ‘ I don’t wanna share biriyani with my sister. It should definitely be mutton biriyani but the mutton pieces should be less in the biriyani. There should be mutton gravy to go with the biriyani.’


Riche, ‘I am the one who makes biriyani at home and turkey biriyani is the best of all.’


Sundar, ‘I want only country chicken biriyani.’


Kumaran, ‘ I and my wife cook together. Early morning itself I will go and buy meat. Then we have only porridge in the morning so that we can enjoy the lunch. We generally check youtube videos and try different varieties.’


Janani, ‘ I always ask mom to make gravy along with biriyani because I don’t like to have biriyani alone.’

Are you a biriyani lover? How do you feel when your mom prepares biriyani? How do you like your biriyani? Comment below 🙂


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